Best Trending Phones That Has AI Camera Features


Artificial intelligence is a relatively new trend in the phone market with growing popularity and demand. The primary point of their reputation is the inclusion of AI camera features that provide best scene recognition. What is meant by scene recognition? According to Product Head, while AI technology in smartphones is noticeable due to many features such as learn and adapt to the user, improve security and facilitate voice assistant. But the most remarkable feature is the AI camera because it lets you take the best shots you only dreamed of having with your traditional camera phones. The scene recognition is the term that defines how an AI camera smartphone interface detects the target in the camera frame (May it be a person. Landscape, food or fireworks) and automatically enhances the settings for best possible image shots. AI can also distinguish facial features and accordingly elevates them for a higher quality portrait.

Now there are various AL infused camera smartphones in the market high lightening different aspect of AI cameras in both high and low end listing. However, the best ones are by iPhone, Google and Samsung so far, said Alex Tchablakian, Product Head of

iPhone XS and XR:  

We all know the superior quality of artificial intelligence almost all the iPhone variations offer, but iPhone XS is smartness at best. Its AI powers not only the camera but most of its functions. It provides excellent AI dual-camera setup that captures appealing and natural-looking images. According to the Product Expert at, iPhone XS is excellent at almost everything and its fluid. It can be acknowledged as better than iPhone XS due to its size that is just perfect for satisfying and fun photos and videos.

However, no one can deny the impact of XR. With its launch in late 2018, it took the market with surprise with its liquid retina coupled with AL camera, making it the most modern and advanced version of LCDs available in the market. It is bigger than XS which lets you capture more appropriate shots and videos. Its single camera lens is equipped with AL at the back with a display that lacks HD, almost unnoticeable. So if you are looking to go for the best artificial intelligence camera phones, then iPhone are pioneers that brought us to this innovation and have been offering the best from the start.

Google Pixel 3:

These models by Google are unparalleled excellence, Especially the Pixel range as it is still the only line of Android phones that can fully compete with Apple’s iPhone in various aspects including the exquisitely rich and smart AI camera with amazing features. HDR+ technology in Google Pixel 3 authorises excellent dynamic range in photos with remarkable details captured by the superior software. The AI results are most evident in low-light situations with its bigger image sensor, and it’s jaw-dropping AI night sight feature that enables higher quality pictures even in ultra-low lightening. it is a killer one and makes Pixel 3 a versatile phone. Unlike other phones with optical zoom, Google uses A.I. for a feature called Super Res Zoom that facilitates digital zoom, simultaneously brightening the image and removing noise for excellent shots. The stunning features can also be obtained through Pixel 3XL.

Samsung Galaxy S9+: 

This list just cannot go on without listing Samsung and its Excellence at providing us with one of the best smartphones AI or else. We do not know which one we should feature here because all of Samsung AI smartphones offer remarkable AI cameras.

Samsung Galaxy A8 Star is one of the latest and best AI equipped camera phones in the market. The modern technology lets you take shots by simple hand gestures and uses this technology for face lock ensuring the maximum interactive level of security.

Galaxy S9 gave us dual aperture and scene optimiser to adjust colour and exposure settings on the fly based on what it can assess. However, our star is Galaxy S9+, upgraded with a second rear lens that allows capturing live focus shot with blurred backgrounds and its jaw-dropping variable aperture on rear camera that switches to a wide f/1.5 aperture in low light scenarios making photos look sharper and detailed even in the dark settings. It reduces noise in the pictures like it is meant to do so.

Huawei Nova 3i and Mate 10 Pro:

Huawei AI smartphones are the best option if you are looking for the goodness of AI in phones that do not break the bank. These profoundly AI customised phones let you take perfect selfies with their dual front camera which is the eye-catching feature of both devices. Nova 3i also features notched screen and custom EMUI interface that is customizable. It is perfect for those who want something else than android, Huawei P20 is also a great AL infused camera option available in the market.

Oppo F7 and F9 Pro:

Oppo has made it sure that all know how much it focuses on its camera. Its models F7 and F9 pro handle photos like a pro. With its high-resolution front and rear camera, remarkable 6.30 inches screen and powerful AI camera software, F9 is said to be one of the best AI camera devices in reasonable prices.

Xiaomi Redmi Y1:

This phone includes a 16MP front AI infused camera that introduces selfie lights to capture detailed selfies and offer accurate colour reproduction. The model also features smart and pro modes for further smoothening the portrait images. The rear camera features a 13MP sensor with phase detection autofocus (PDAF), and single-tone LED flash.

Realme Note 5 Pro:

It also Features AI camera that provides good camera experience with good image output and captures amazing shots with its upgraded sensor, better algorithms and better optics that makes it stand out among other models from the same range within the affordable price range.

Honor View 10:

Honor View 10 features the company’s latest Kirin 970 processor that has a dedicated Neural-Network Processing Unit (NPU) which makes it the only smartphone at the moment that is capable of delivering all of the benefits of artificial intelligence that have been seen scattered in many phones. The features include secure face unlock, camera benefits, translations, enhanced automation and a voice assistant.
Although AI is a new trend and almost all the latest and upcoming phones feature AI technology in different aspects especially in cameras. It makes it easier to find AI infused phones in various price ranges.