Getting the right job in the Emirates


We have all been found in a job situation where nothing seems to work. Looking for opportunities everywhere that cannot lead into anything.

The following are a few tips that can help you when looking for jobs in UAE.

  • Get you branding right

You should know that you are a brand and that your resume is your advertisement. A good resume should always highlight your skills, strengths and experience that will attract the attention of your potential employer.

Remember that your recruiters always go through a lot of resumes and so you must make sure that your resume stands out from the crowd. You may decide to get your resume written by a professional or a consultant or taking time to go through different websites.

Linking your professional LinkedIn account in the resume can also help the recruiter to have more information in case he wants to. You need to have all your certificates and documents sorted out before anything else.

  • Registering on job sites

This may seem tough and sometimes may prove to be futile but registering on the job site is a good way to start you job hunt. It is good to know the requirements that are needed for the particular job that different companies require.

  • Be active on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a good forum where one can look out for different positions and to also network. You can always follow different from your domain of work and also increase your network.

It is important that you try and connect with the job poster especially for the job that you have applied for. Jobs in UAE may be difficult to come by but you have to go the extra mile in your job hunting.

  • Websites

It is also good to always check out different websites to see what you may be able to get online. You should know that certain large companies often place job postings on their websites especially the career portal section.

This is much easier than going through third party sites such as LinkedIn because you go direct to the companies portal to apply for the job. It is also worth noting that most of the websites take quite a long time for job applications due to the fact that they require a lot of details from the one who is applying.

You can once in a while email the HR department to check for updates on the job that you applied for.

  • Try creating your contact list

You have now applied for several jobs without an invitation to an interview or feedback from your potential employer you are probably worried that things are not going as planned.

Try creating a contact where all the jobs that have been posted you can try for the company names for the companies that are seeking to hire someone. This will also help you in your applications as you will be able to see the jobs that you are yet to apply.