Getting a New Birth Certificate


For an Indian Resident having a birth certificate is an absolute necessity as it is required throughout the life as a legal proof for many different processes. This is a legal document that is made compulsory by the government in India as it helps to maintain the record of the citizens of the country and makes it easier to tally birth and death records in order to construct an informative database. It is very suitable to get a new birth certificate soon after a child is born however as the time keeps on passing, the whole process starts getting complicated. Getting a new birth certificate is a process that can easily be completed within the stipulated time. The birth certificate can only be obtained after getting proper registration done. The municipal corporation is responsible for handling the whole process and issuing of new birth certificates.

Documentation required for getting a new birth certificate:

Some basic documentation is needed in order to register for a New Birth Certificate. These documents act as valid proof of the information provided while filling the birth certificate of the child. Also, the documentation is required to verify that everything is true to the information.

The documents required are as follows:

  • The birth certificate of the parents of the child who are applying for the new birth certificate.
  • The certificate of marriage of the parents. In the case of single-parent, it might not be a compulsion.
  • The document of major importance remains proof of birth. This piece of information is issued by the hospital where the childbirth takes place. It is a very crucial piece of detail required to complete the whole process.
  • The identity proof of both the parents has to be submitted as proof.

It is not necessary to fill the child’s name in the birth certificate. The parents can apply for a child certificate without a name entered on it. It can easily be changed later on if required. The whole process is very flexible. The process has to be completed in a stipulated time period of 21 days after the childbirth.

Importance of birth certificate:

The birth certificate is very important as it is the first sign of a child’s identity. These legal documents act as a proof of their existence. It is absolutely impossible to get an admission in a good school or college without a birth certificate as it is the necessity in the list of the required documents. There are many other legal disputes which can only be solved with the help of presenting a birth certificate. Also, the birth certificate is the first proof showing the nationality of an individual.

Some other benefits of having a new birth certificate are as follows:

  1. many insurance companies and policies ask for a birth certificate as the age proof.
  2. In case of child custody or dispute over the paternity issues, the birth certificate can prove the parentage.
  3. A birth certificate is a validated and legally accepted age proof fro all the purposes including employment, marriage and so on.
  4. The name of any citizen in the electoral poll can only be registered after a particular age threshold is crossed. In such cases, the birth certificate acts as perfect proof.
  5. The passport application documentation also includes a birth certificate which has to be verified as the as proof.     6. The government handles the record of the citizens of its country by maintaining a national population record. To get any name registered in the national population record it is important to have a birth certificate.