Get your chores done with a push of a button with iRobot’s Roomba 966


It’s Saturday and all you want to do is kick back with your cup of tea and watch a good TV show or head out for a night of partying. However, you quickly realize that your house is in a dire need of a round of vacuuming before you can do anything else. There go your Saturday plans! Cleaning is a necessary chore disliked by most. Everyone, at some point, has dreamed of a device that would clean the entire house all by itself without as much as a lift of your finger. What if we told you that this was now possible?

Bring home iRobot’s latest offering – Roomba 966, a powerful robo-vacuum device that can clean your home in an incredibly scrupulous fashion, without you having to leave the comfort of your couch. The intuitive robot reaches hard-to-access, under-bed and below-couch areas to give you an immaculate home.

That’s not all!  Puresight Systems Pvt. Ltd., official distributors of iRobot products in India, is offering the cutting edge Roomba 966 on a selling price of Rs. 51,900.


Roomba 966 displays a sleek and urbane design with stunning, sharp features. The streamlined, disc shaped body with 3.6-inch of height is perfectly aligned with the idea of cleaning thoroughly in relatively inaccessible areas such as under beds or coffee tables.


The smart Roomba 966 robo-vacuum cleaner runs continuously for up to 75 minutes, post which it automatically recharges itself and resumes cleaning. It can clean everything from carpets and kitchen tiles to hardwood floors.  Its iAdapt® 2.0 Navigation with Visual Localization technology allows the device to intelligently navigate itself throughout your home and also keeps track of its location.  It does a thorough job of cleaning the entire floor area by building a map to keep track of clean and unclean areas.

Further, the cleaner is enhanced with Dirt Detect™ technology through which it identifies particularly unclean areas that require more intensive cleaning and concentrates on them to clean more thoroughly. Roomba 966 is Wi-Fi enabled and can be accessed through the iRobot HOME App, making it possible for you to schedule, start and stop cleaning sessions even when you are not home. It is also compatible with Amazon Alexa, enabling it to be voice operated using Amazon’s connected home assistants including Echo, Echo Dot, and Echo Dot Plus. After each cleaning session, the robo-vacuum cleaner returns to its Home Base charging station.

Key Features

Upto 50% Increased Cleaning Performance: Roomba 966 draws power from the AeroForce 3-Stage Cleaning System which uses a Debris Extractor and Gen 2 Motor for excellent performance and low maintenance.

iAdapt® 2.0 Navigation with Visual Localization: The superlative technology ensures that the cleaner navigates efficiently across the floor, cleaning under furniture and hard to reach corners. While on the job, it keeps continuous track of its location, creating a map of clean and unclean areas. Its Cliff-Detection sensors allow it to avoid falling off stairs.

5x The Air Power: The powerful AeroForce Cleaning System targets dirt, loosens dirt particles and suctions them with 5x more power. Its powerlifting suction captures embedded dirt, debris and pet hair with great efficiency. Its AeroForce® High-Efficiency Filter allows it to capture particles as small as 10 microns, removing 99% allergen, pollen and particles from your home.

iRobot HOME App: Available for iOS and Android smartphones, the iRobot HOME App enables users to control their robo-vacuum cleaner remotely from anywhere across the globe. The Wi-Fi enabled device lets you schedule cleaning sessions, check cleaning status, select custom cleaning preferences and check bin level, all from the palm of your hand.

Voice instruction through Amazon Echo: Wi‐Fi connected Roomba vacuuming robot, Roomba 966 is compatible on devices with Amazon Alexa. Simply ask Alexa to start, stop, or dock your robot. For eg. – Alexa! Ask Roomba to start cleaning.

In the box:

  • Home Base™ Charging Station
  • Line Cord
  • 1 Dual Mode Virtual Wall® Barrier
  • 2 AA Batteries included
  • 1 Extra Filter
  • Extra Side Brush
  • Owner’s Guide and Documentation Package
  • Product Registration info card
  • 2 Years warranty card provided by Puresight Systems Pvt Ltd.

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