Gaming on a Projector: The Perfect Art of Gaming


Those days are gone when gamers used to use conventional projectors for gaming, nowadays gaming projectors have become a rage among gaming enthusiasts as well as professionals. Today’s games are all about high-end visuals and to accurately portray them on the screen; you will need a potent projector. With advancement in technology, projectors have come a long way, and they have become a perfect alternative to expensive TVs for playing games. Not only gaming, they also serve as one of the finest platforms to enjoy theater-like movie experience at home comfort.

The main reason for gamers to choose gaming projectors is that they can expand the screen to a massive size. Not only that, they get a wide option for screen sizes which is not possible in similarly priced TV. With an enormous screen size, gamers are able to comfortably play co-op games without getting themselves cramped in a limited size. Now you might argue about clarity and throw distance when you are maximizing the screen size which is, in fact, a valid point. But nowadays gaming projectors are embedded with wide clear screen size and short or ultra-short throw projection capability thus solving all those issues.            

In addition to mammoth screen size, you get to experience Full HD or 4K gaming visuals without spending colossal chunk.  With the availability of PS4 Pro and many 4K games, it has become easy for gamers to immerse themselves in true to life gaming visuals. Although the number of 4K games available in the market pales in front of the availability of full HD games. To get the best out every gaming environment, gaming projectors are designed with high lumens, enhanced contrast ratio, and wide color range. 

High lumens ensure that you get optimum brightness in any game scenes especially when you are playing a multiplayer game. Whereas high contrast ratio makes sure you get proper black depth and clarity in dark or shadow scenes in a game. The wide color range helps the projector to reproduce to each of the colors in the game thus producing unparalleled gaming experience which you would hardly get in a TV or monitor. Moreover, these projectors also offer many game modes (highly curated presets) so that it can provide a better experience by catering to different type of game genres.  

Input lag and refresh rate play a significant role in deciding the fluidity of the gaming visuals, especially for fast-paced games. So gaming projectors are now emerging with low input lag and high refresh rate thus making sure you won’t have to compromise on the gaming experience. Although not many but there are some models who are offering input lag around 10-20ms which is really great as the acceptable input lag is 40ms. Likewise, they are also coming with a high refresh rate above 120Hz so that it can minimize motion blur, ghosting or screen stuttering in the middle of the game.

Gaming on a projector opens up a new dimension as you can easily set up your gaming device and projector in a room despite its size (short throw for a small room). It needs a little amount of space for the whole setup unlike large sized TV which almost bites half of the room. Moreover, projectors are generally portable, and you can easily carry them in different rooms until and unless you have opted for permanent installation. The setup process is quite simple, and you just have to plug certain wires and make certain adjustments to complete the setup. But most of the gaming projectors come with poor speakers which are not suitable for gaming. So you need to have an external speaker which will bring out essential quality from the game.

The cool quotient is a big part of the gaming trend, and every gamer wants to set a quirky gaming setup. Gaming culture on a projector is no longer limited to nerdy kids, and it is spreading among every commoner day by day. Gaming on a large screen projector screen is becoming treat among many enthusiasts as there a no better alternative to play the favorite game on a large screen. Although with time, the trend to play games on a projector will disappear but for now it grasping everyone with its unique art.