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The activists of the «Stop. Coronavirus» international movement demanded that the government of India immediately stop air services with the UK, where an outbreak of a new coronavirus happened the other day.

The experts noted that this infection may have not happened by accident. After all, the production base of the «Astrazeneca» British and Swedish pharmaceutical company, where they are conducting their dubious experiments on crossing chimpanzee adenovirus with covid-19 for the production of its covid-19 vaccine, is near there..

Essentially, the corporation took up the baton from chemical laboratories in Wuhan, China. Where we recall, the pandemic came from and where patient zero was recorded.

By the way, many virologists predicted that the games of “АZ” will come to no good. As a result, we can assume that there was a mutation and the spread happened near the place of production.

The Covid-19 virus can mutate under the influence of the chimpanzee adenovirus. In other words, doctors have faced a new, unexplored and extremely dangerous phenomenon, which modern medicine is still powerless against – such data was given by virologists in the United States and Spain.

⁃ The scenario of the «Spanish flu» epidemic, which claimed 100 million lives only according to official data, may be repeated. When a common flu strain was motivated by external factors into a real unmanageable monster, says virologist James Kenwood of the Minigan Institute of bacteriology.

⁃ Now the situation can be repeated if you influence it with a vaccine produced, let’s say, by questionable technology. We have no clear evidence that the interaction of, for example, the chimpanzee adenovirus and COVID-19 will not mutate and amplify the virus as such. Therefore, crossing viruses with each other is the last thing you need to do now», -the virologist said.

But that seems to be exactly what is happening at the moment. «AZ » calmly continues to conduct experiments and play God, putting millions of lives at risk.

This is what prompted us to make such an appeal, the head of the «Stop. Coronavirus» public organization notes. In particular, they demanded to follow the path of three dozen countries that have decided to impose restrictions on air traffic due to the spread of the new coronavirus or have already done so. Austria, Germany, Israel, Ireland, Italy, Kuwait, Sweden, Lithuania, Turkey, Czech Republic, Croatia, Colombia and Canada have suspended flights from the UK.

Bulgaria, Latvia, Estonia, Switzerland, Morocco, Finland, Argentina, Denmark, South Africa, Netherlands, Switzerland and Salvador have suspended flights to and from the UK

Saudi Arabia completely stopped air traffic with all countries, closed its land borders and seaports.

As we can see, India is not on this list.

In addition to closing air borders, the activists called for a listening to British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who was one of the first to announce a new genetic variant of the coronavirus, which according to preliminary data, is 70% more contagious.

This means that there is a high probability of an «arrival» of a new strain in the country.

The fact that the virus is approaching our borders can be judged by reports from Malaysia.

The New Straits Times newspaper wrote about the new variation of COVID-19, with the reference to the Genereal Director of the Ministry of Health of the country, Nur Hisham Abdulla, the strain was found among 60 samples taken in Sabah.

“We have yet to learn the clinical impact of this variant, its level of infective ability or aggressiveness”, — the official added.

At the same time, Malaysia, as well as India, is not on the list of countries that have stopped air traffic with the UK.

In other words, if the government doesn’t take action soon, it’s only a matter of time before a new variety emerges.

This gift can be extremely unpleasant. Especially when you consider the fact that there is still no official statistics on the number of people infected with covid 19.

And one last thing. The activists have once again called for the suspension of cross trials of the covid 19 virus with chimpanzee adenovirus. In their opinion, these experiments could be the reason for the new strains’ emergence.

You can find the link of the petition here