At The Heart Of The Fitness Tech Revolution Stands Titanium


Fitness tech has come on leaps and bounds over the past decade as people seek to use tech to improve their fitness. A recent Gallup poll revealed that  20% of all Americans now use a fitness wearable, and that studies had shown their efficacy in improving fitness indicators. At the heart of many fitness devices, including the most new and exciting wearables, is titanium, a time-honored material, showing the versatility of the metal in the  production of the latest fitness tech.

A new generation of wearables

Wearable fitness tech has scaled down over the years. Phone apps requiring chunky holders have given way to fitness watches, and now, bands. The latest iteration are even smaller and are produced using  

titanium sheet, taking advantage of the pliable and damage-resistant nature of the metal to produce high quality goods. Of particular note is the wildly popular Oura, which CNBC highlighted as one of the  most precise sports trackers going, demonstrating the potential of titanium. The inherent scalability of titanium makes it the perfect fitness and med tech material.

The watch scene

Titanium has similarly been deployed in the latest generation of big-brand smart watches, according to Techradar. The benefit of this is improved connectivity and biometric readings, which can share information related to an individual’s heart rate and oxygen levels. According to manufacturers, using titanium will also help for wear-and-tear, as the metal is resistant to both scratch and chemical damage, such as from sweat.

Effective filtering

As a result of the last few months, day-to-day air quality has been brought into sharp focus. Mask usage is predicted to long outlast 2020, and with that will come technological innovations – especially as people seek to get out and about to complete exercise again. Advanced Science News have highlighted the key role that titanium is likely to play in upscaling technology in this sector. Titanium dioxides are being used as a much better filter than in other alternatives, with reusable technology also encompassed within its use. This means that fitness enthusiasts can confidently get back out onto the roads and parks again.

Between wearables and new filtering technology, titanium is giving a great foundation to fitness enthusiasts to continue their routines. As a wear resistant and efficient base material, it means devices can last for a long time. With such a focus today on titanium-led innovation, there’s a bright future for the material and the quality of fitness tech.