Fitness Recovery – How Tech is Helping Gym Goers


Technology has touched almost every aspect of human lives. It has been integrated into every industry like education, health, mining etc. We depend on technologies for even the smallest of things and physical workouts is no exception.

The fusion of fitness and technologies has made working out easier for everyone. New technologies have completely changed the way we look at exercise.

In the past, the only way to get a toned and fit body was to hit the gym. Today, we have apps and virtual trainers that allow us to sit at home and workout with convenience. Plus, people are interested in knowing more about themselves. They want to know their daily progress, calorie intake and calories burned, body fat percentage etc.

This is only possible with technology that stays with you 24/7 so that you can create your own fitness regime.

How fitness technologies are disrupting the industry & helping gym goers

If you are a gym lover, read on to know how you can use technology and improve your fitness journey.

1. Virtual training with home gym machines

The gym equipment market is growing fast. According to research and market reports, the industry will witness a growth of 9% between 2019 and 2025. These modern equipment and gym gear have digital capabilities and are technology innovative.

The new fitness equipment comes with high adjustability and can be connected with a range of other tech devices. They have AI-enabled performance tracking features and interactive personal training built in features for a complete training experience at gym or at home.

These machines have a vast library of on-demand workouts but you can also take virtual fitness classes from professionals while being at home.

2. Fitness and wellness apps

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Apps have made our lives much easier; from ordering food to booking a cab and from making a to-do list to finding a perfect partner, apps have become an important part of our lives.

Fitness apps are also quite popular. In fact, they managed to achieve the top slot in the fitness trends. In the first half of 2020, the fitness app downloads were increased by 50% (World Economic Forum).

Whether you want to track your diet and workout routine or want water drinking reminders, these apps can help you with daily chores. Gym lovers seek one-stop health apps that provide them with fitness metrics, holistic guide, diet nutrition and diet plans. These apps are more like a fitness partner this is why many fitness centers and sports clothing brands have launched their apps.

3. Fitness wearable

Wearable fitness technologies are quite a thing of the twenty-first century. It includes smart watches, fitness trackers, GPS tracking devices, and heart rate monitors. According to the latest stats, the global market for wearable fitness is expected to reach by $62.128 million by 2023.

Their major job is to monitor fitness related activity and metrics that play a critical role in making you healthy and toned. For instance, they can tell you how much distance you’ve covered in a run, the number of footsteps taken, number of calories burnt, heart rate etc.

These gadgets can be easily synced with your smartphone and record your data that can be used and compared later with new data. They are usually popular in the form of wristbands and armbands. While you’re doing resistance band workout chest you can check your heart rate easily with these fitness trackers.

4. Virtual reality

Virtual reality head wearing a lady

People who want to make their workout more fun and exciting are willing to invest in virtual reality. Virtual reality fitness (a.k.a VR fitness) uses VR technology to immerse users into a virtual workout setting. You’ll use your body as a controller. This means that when you want your avatar to do chest workouts or throw some punches in a boxing fight, you’ll be the one doing that in real life.

VR can totally change your workout experience by engaging you completely in an immersive experience. You’ll feel like you’re playing a fun filled game involving a lot of physical activity.

When people asked about their experience with VR, they said it helps them develop the mind-body connection. It also makes workout more private and convenient. You’re free to try out new things.

The final verdict

The demand for fitness technologies is huge and growing extremely high. People are more health-conscious and educated today than in the past. That’s why they are more interested in getting their hands on the latest fitness tech gear and wearables so that they can do it themselves. If these technologies really sound interesting to you, install a fitness app or buy some great home gym equipment because now there’s no excuse left. Check out Ryderwear fitness if you are planning to buy quality gym and bodybuilding clothing at affordable rates.