Family Activity Ideas at Stinson Beach


Everyone deserves a vacation. You, your spouse, and your children need a day away from the hustle and bustle of your daily life. But holidays don’t have to be expensive; it can be something like a short, but fun stay at the beach.

One example of an excellent beach destination is Stinson Beach. It’s a must-see vacation spot for many. It’s no wonder why Stinson Beach vacation rentals go off the charts during peak season. Also, check out why you should also consider visiting Destin for your next family vacation.

The key to a good vacation is a destination that can provide you with activities for the whole family as well as a view that will leave you breathless. At Stinson Beach, the endless activities and features will leave you wanting to extend your stay. Below are some of the things you and your family can do at this vacation spot.

Day Hike

Stinson is a one-stop destination. The beach is located near a rocky mountain which allows families and other individuals to go on a hike and return to the pristine water below. 

For pharophiles or someone who loves to study and visit lighthouses, Stinson Beach has a lighthouse you can visit which will make your hike worthwhile.

Surfing Lessons

The beach also has excellent swells that are perfect for training and teaching basic surfing. 

This can be an activity enjoyed by older kids and adults alike. Besides being a fun sport, it can help in supporting better cardiovascular health, strengthen the shoulder and back, develop a stronger core, and sense of balance.


This can help develop discipline in your children as well as work as a family bonding activity for you. There are spots where you can sit down and identify various bird species together and mark them on your checklist.


During perfect weather, you can rent a kayak or a paddleboard and explore the bay. You can see different sea animals such as various species of fish, including sharks. Kayaking is also an excellent way to exercise because it is a low-impact activity. Anyone young or old can enjoy paddling in the ocean. 

Camp Out

The fantastic view of the beach and elevated areas make it perfect for camping. Find an ideal location for your tent, so you don’t miss out on the beautiful sunsets. Camping is a perfect activity on the weekend, and Stinson Beach is full of campers all year round. While it is good to share the place with others, it is also essential to check for the area’s availability on peak days.

However, if you want to enjoy the comforts of home while on vacation, there are also three-bedroom Stinson beach vacation rentals for the entire family. These vacation homes can house at least eight people. It has all the necessary add-ons such as water toys, surfboards, boogie boards so you can enjoy a perfect beach experience. 

Enjoy the View from the Sky on a Seaplane

If you want something more different, then you can get a seaplane and explore the bay area from above. This will be a unique experience for the kids and a way to see the world from a new perspective, literally.

A vacation at Stinson Beach is worth a shot. Bear in mind that it’s in a windy and colder part. Therefore you mustn’t forget to dress appropriately. Bring all that you need for your chosen activity (plus an extra bottle of sunscreen to be sure).

Which activities are you planning to do, from the events listed above? Let us know below!