Expressway Inspection and Maintenance with Chainway P80 Rugged Tablet


With the development of a globalized economy and the increasingly close communication between various regions, expressway has become a significant transportation hub. As the road traffic enters the rapid development period, expressway inspections and maintenance performed manually can not meet the needs. Besides, it easily poses a safety hazard for road transportation. If an emergency occurs, it is impossible to handle in time.

The Expressway Management Department has deployed Chainway P80 multi-functional industrial tablet to ensure highly-efficient maintenance and inspection of the expressway.

Chainway P80 is integrated with multiple functions like RFID, fingerprint, PSAM, camera, wireless network. Combined with the application of the APP, P80 helps the highway management department to achieve the visibility of road maintenance and inspection and enhance the ability to deal with emergencies.

The on-site worker with P80 industrial tablet can conduct real-time information exchange with the dispatching center. Instructionscan be quickly obtainedthrough P80, and the real-time work progress is uploaded. The workers can check the real-time location of the disposal site and share their ownlocation. And the command centercan also capture relevant information such as the location of the on-site workers in real time.

With the deployment of P80, the worker can scan documents of the suspicious person like the operation certificate, qualification certificate, license plate,so as toobtain information and perform identity verification. And the information generated in various disposal processes will be completely saved and uploaded to the back-end system for further analysis and inquiry in the future.

ChainwayP80 can be applied totransfer the authority of the dispatching center and the command center in case of emergency, which easily realizes unified commandand improve the processing efficiency of expressway emergencies.