Does Your Management Measure Up?


Managing people is a tricky task. Everyone has their own personal goals, as well as strengths and weaknesses. As a manager, you’ve more than likely have needed to navigate waters where team members clashed or had misunderstandings. Maybe you find yourself asking, “How do I better my management skills? Does my management measure up?” If this is the case, make sure to pay attention to these four strategies for improving your management skills.

Improve Your Management Skills Today

Outline Your Goals

As a manager, it is crucial to identify your core goals to constantly improve you and your team’s performance. Whether you think your team could work to achieve company goals better or could address some communication problems, it’s always a good idea to reflect on your current performance. A famous study conducted by Harvard Business School found that the students who wrote their goals down ended up earning 10 times what their peers did just a decade later. Make sure your goals are specific, timely, and realistic to keep yourself on track. 

Talk to your team 

Don’t overlook this simple step! If you’re looking to improve your leadership skills and workplace relationships, make sure to talk to your team. Send out an anonymous survey with open-ended questions. Ask your employees how they feel about your current management, what you can improve, and what they like or dislike. By doing this, you are able to get first-hand input on how to improve. Don’t forget to adjust your goals based on your team feedback. 

Practice gratitude

Being a great leader involves recognizing your employees. Make sure to thank and praise them when they do a good job. An easy way to do this in any workplace is to recognize daily wins, whether they are personal or work-related. In addition, keep your praises specific. Instead of saying “Great job,” try saying something like “Thank you for putting in the extra effort for Project 123. I know they were a difficult client to work with, and your professionalism and extra hours really helped close the deal.” By keeping your praises specific, your team members will genuinely feel appreciated and happier with their own performance. 

Continue your education

As a manager, you should always be continuing your education. Whether it’s taking a leadership course on decision making or simply reading new books, there are many ways to constantly be improving and growing yourself. For pricier courses or potential conferences, double check to see if your company will cover any expenses. After all, better performance from you leads to better performance for the company as a whole. 

Pave Your Road to Success

It’s always a great idea to improve your skills as a manager. With these easy tricks, your goals will be achieved in no time! For additional resources and new career openings, make sure to contact TruPath. TruPath helps established organizations find culturally aligned talent. Have any additional recommendations or tips? Make sure to let us know below.