Does Cable TV Slow Down the Internet?

Internet speed illustration with city background

We as users are more inclined towards the exuberant bundle offers rolled out by the providers which allow us to combine cable TV, cable internet, and/or phone services. It is because of their cheaper rates and convenience that they usually do not disappoint us. But it all comes down to the right choice of your internet service provider. For instance, Spectrum bundle deals are particularly quite popular among the users because of their attractive features where you get to enjoy massive channel line-up and a faster internet connection. If you are wondering how much is Spectrum cable then you will be happy to know that it cost much less as compared to other providers. There are times when we might witness an internet speed slow down, especially during peak hours. In case we are using any of the cable internet and TV bundle offers, this question does pop into your head-can cable TV be possibly be slowing down the internet. Can it be a reason for the lagging internet speed? Well, let’s find out!

We shall begin with what is a good internet speed after all?

Good internet Speed

Any internet speed between 25 Mbps to 50 Mbps is enough to support your online routines. In case multiple users including friends and family are using the internet then a speed on 100 Mbps will work better.

It is recommended to avoid subscribing to low-quality internet plans because they may come with much cheaper prices but may give you daily headaches. So a slower internet like that cannot help you much in saving money since it won’t allow you to work from home properly or fulfill your professional needs.

Is Cable TV slowing down your Internet?

Your cable internet speed might be slowing down in case your cable equipment malfunctions or if you are using On-Demand TV features. The reason is that usually, on-Demand TV is more or less like internet data. If the provider sends it via internet bandwidth then it might interrupt your internet speeds. However, broadcast TV does not affect your internet speeds. So widely speaking, the cable box we usually receive from our internet provider has its modem and dedicated bandwidth. It is very unlikely that your internet speed is slowed down by the cable TV.

What could be lowering your Internet Speeds?

Then let us have a look at what are the possible reasons that might be slowing down your internet.

  • Wrong Location of your Router

It might be because of the wrong placement of your router. This can result in the weakening of the signals. Therefore, place it at a central spot without any physical obstruction blocking the signals.

  • Malware Invasion

Check for any malware invasions that might have infected your computer and affected its speed and performance. It is important to have anti-virus software installed on your system to avoid such trouble.

  • Check for Throttling

Some internet service providers throttle your data in case you exceed the data limit for the month. In that case, it will be a good idea to update your internet plan to a higher or preferably no data cap.

  • Get a Better Provider

If you are frequently confronting speed issues, then it may be high time to switch to a better provider. You can look out for a better provider with a faster and more reliable internet plan that matches your needs. It is also suggested that you monitor your internet activities so you are more aware of your speed and data usage requirements.

Wrapping Up

Therefore, cable TV might not be the cause of our lagging internet speeds. Though the On Demand TV content might be a potential reason for a speed slowdown. Since you are using an internet bandwidth for streaming the On Demand content, that might impact your internet speed. There are also other valid reasons for a slowing internet connection as mentioned in the aforementioned discussion and must be identified to solve the speed issues.