5 Must-listen episodes of Infidigit’s The Growth Genius – Digital Marketing Podcast

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Today, every marketer knows what is digital marketing and how important it is to drive the correct target audience. But sometimes, evaluating which digital marketing strategies can boost your business becomes a potential challenge. Where to begin and how to go about the process are a whole new level of worry. 

To ease this, Infidigit has launched a host of episodes known as The Growth Genius. This digital marketing podcast presents influential interviews with industrial leaders and growth geniuses who offer their deep insights on their digital growth stories to help you upscale your brand the right way. You can use their tips in making your own podcasts, and you’re sure to get Spotify streams quickly.

Here are the must-listen episodes of Infidigit’s The Growth Genius to galvanize your business success right away. 

Episode 1- Create Growth Via SEO by Pinaki Chakraborty

Pinaki Chaktraborty’s burning desire to help brands fabricate a global impact ushered the interview between him and Kaushal Thakkar, the Founder of Infidigit. The first Episode that kickstarted with a bang featured Pinaki Chakraborty, the AGM global customer search expert at Schneider Electric, to influence the screen with his SEO growth story in the digital marketing podcast.

Episode 8- Moving Offline to Online, Marketing Setup and Generating ROI by Nilay Shrivastav

As digital marketing is paving the way for enhanced profitability via online stores for e-commerce sites, brands are eager to make the significant shift from offline to online. But the potent challenge of how to do that stands out amid the rest. Business Head at Mozak Labs, Nilay Shrivastav, attempted to eradicate this complication in conversation with Kaushal Thakkar in the 8th Episode. 

“Going online helps you to target the global industry. If you trust your product or your service, then why would you not want to go global? Why would you want to be limited only to the city or region where you operate? Going online also guides you to expand across the country and beyond that too, if you want to.,” states Shrivastav in the digital marketing podcast.

Episode 13- Creating Digital Growth via Exceptional User Experience by Saurabh Gupta

Digital growth is no cakewalk. But those who learn to hit the right buttons can make it to the finish line easily. In a recent conversation with Kaushal, the co-founder of ZEUX Innovation, Saurabh Gupta, enlightened us with the significance of user experience and how it can transcend your brand growth right away. 

Saurabh talked about the significance of UX, performance metrics of UX, common mistakes that designers perform in UX, and his suggestions on people who wanted to be UX designers. He also went on to talk about the three crucial Es in your life- Education, Experience, and Exposure to improve your SEO website. 

Episode 16- Customer Retention Strategies by Raam Nayakar

Raam Nayakar, the Director – Marketing: Customer Loyalty & Marketing Science at Myntra, shared some valuable customer retention strategies to help brands practice exceptional customer service for a profitable business experience. He spoke about why India had been facing significant challenges in customer retention, improving this via outstanding strategies, and how e-commerce sites can apply it to up their business game. 

Nayakar also provided a holistic approach to how companies can gain more than one order at a time, Myntra’s growth story and the objective of their insider loyalty program. This could potentially guide several businesses to find solace in brand upliftment without any inconvenience. 

Episode 17- How ALTBalaji Became One of The Most Popular OTT Platforms in India by Divya Dixit

Who doesn’t want to know how the popular OTT platform, ALT Balaji, went on to become the massive platform that it is today? No wonder the conversation with Divya Dixit, SVP, Marketing, Analytics, and Direct Revenue at ALTBalaji was one to cherish for a lifetime. 

In her conversation with Thakkar, she talked about the success story of ALT Balaji and customer retention strategies that helped the platform gain enormous subscribers in less than three years. 

The Bottom Line 

It takes to pluck up the courage to stand where these dignified leaders are today. If the bits and pieces from this blog have driven you to craft your own success story, do not forget to watch the full interviews of these famous episodes of Infidigit’s The Growth Genius online.