CV Making Tips: What Is Really Effective?


Have you ever been asked to send a CV instead of the resume? Someone could be confused about this request, as he/she feels no difference between these two concepts. Expert writers from the resume writing service agreed to explain what is curriculum vitae and how to make it brilliant. Interested? 

Firstly, a resume and a CV are two separate concepts. While the first one focuses on education, professional experience, and the value of the applicant for the company, the CV highlights results of intellectual work. It is about science publications, academic treatises, awards for inventions, etc. UK companies compulsorily require CVs when the job positions belong to the research, teaching, medical spheres. Resumes, in turn, are more popular in industries and IT areas. As a rule, CVs are longer and may contain references to portfolio or pieces of the greatest articles. Still, modern enterprises often demand both these documents.

And, yes, sometimes a CV is the same as the resume. If you apply for a position in India or South Africa, employers will likely use these words as synonyms. 

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Now, when specialists from explained the main purpose of the CV, you will get these tips better. 

  1. What to include in a CV? 

Firstly, you need standard sections: contact information, the name, an objective. You also have to emphasize the value of your professional history, intellectual capacity, and achievements for future job positions. List publications you are proud of. It is not only about science magazines but about online portals too. Are you lucky to get any awards? Describe them in a separate section.  

  1. How long should a CV be? 

You might have already heard about the one-page rule for a resume. Well, the CV can be longer. Specialists from say that 2-3 pages are enough. The truth is everything depends on your experience and achievements. Say, if you are among top mature scientists and have more invention than Elon Musk has, please write 3+ pages. 

  1. And what about the tone?

Bearing in mind that a CV is aimed at describing an intellectual part of your personality, you’d better choose an official tone. Experts from resume writing services note that a strict concise style is the best option for this type of documents. If you want to show creativeness, you’d better do it in a cover letter or portfolio. 

  1. Is there a universal format for the CV?

This document contains more information than a resume; obviously, you have many sections. Sending it via email, you must be sure that all the elements will remain the same. Sometimes recruiters get files which cannot be opened with the help of standard programs. It really irritates. In addition, when they finally open them, lines can be mixed, and frames are not where they should be. 

We advise you to save your CV in PDF. As practice shows, such files are most easily opened. 

  1. Sophisticated or simple?

The truth is you need long phrases to impress a listener. Yet, in the case of writing, you have to use short sentences to seem smart. As an academician or a certified researcher, you have probably got used to leveraging super complicated terminology, passive voice, and sentences longer than thirty words. Do not repeat this style in the CV. 

  1. Make it on your own or use custom online help?

The advice to use professional resume writing services may seem unsafe at first glance. Still, this help is very effective. The only thing is to find a reliable writer, someone who will create your brilliant CV on the best terms. Consider some crucial factors before placing an order:

  • Are the prices affordable? 
  • What is the reason for an extremely cheap (or expensive) cost? What do I pay for?
  • How can I hire a CV author? Is the procedure legal?
  • Are there any pitfalls for me? What are my benefits? 

Looking for a skilled resume writer, firstly, pay attention to Internet companies. Actually, it could be challenging to find an offline service near you. So you’d better buy your CV from reliable online specialists. is a reputable agency where one can always purchase high-quality documents for career promotion.