Criminal Code of Canada Fraud Under $5000


Fraudulence is a serious kind of criminal offense. It is punishable in the eye of law in every state. But in the case of Canada, the criminal code of law is slightly different than in other states. Here, the criminal code of Canada for fraud under $5000 is different from fraud over $5000.

In the following sections of this article, you will get the details about it. And for your further queries and help, you can contact a Regina fraud charges lawyer. They are experts in this field. 

Difference Between Fraud and Theft

Fraud and theft both are similar to each other yet different to an extent. They are similar in that they both are considered serious criminal offenses, and both are related to taking away money from others. The main focus of the victims of either theft or fraud holds on how much money they have lost. 

They possess some differences as well. Although the amount of money is the main thing for a victim but for the law, the major thing to be considered is how the convict has taken this amount from the victim. 

If the convict steals the money or threatens the victim to give him the money, it will be theft. In opposition, if the convict uses the victim’s money without his consent or in an illegal way in which the victim does not authorize the money, then it will be a fraud case. 

Different Types of Frauds 

There are various types of frauds you can find around you. They will convince you either by their sweet voices or by their trustworthy works but later will take away all your valuable things. Such as, 

Identity Fraud

Identity fraud is one of the major issues throughout the world. People face this type of fraudulence mostly in their internet media or hypermedia through which they are connected to essential sectors.

For example, if someone hacks your credit card and purchases various things without your consent, it is identity fraud. Here, the convict is using your identity to fulfil his works. 

Service Fraud

Service fraud you will find in business fields. If you are not knowledgeable enough about the service of a particular company, they might do fraudulence to you. For example, you need to have some plumbing repairs in your house, so you have contacted a company.

They came and gave you some tools saying that they contain the best quality and take a lot from you. But in reality, the products are of low quality, and thus service frauds happen. 

Security Fraud

Security fraud is giving someone misinformation or telling them secret and confidential information without permission from the information holder. It happens mostly in the trading sectors. It is a serious kind of offense. 

Security fraud normally occurs with over $5000 amounts. But sometimes, it can also happen with the low amount as well. 

Insurance Fraud

Insurance fraud is a prevalent kind of frauds nowadays. It happens when the insurance companies make false allegations or exaggerate the damages or injuries to take a high amount of money. In most cases, people lose their all properties, even homes, to collect the amount demanded by the insurance company. 

Criminal Code of Canada Fraud Under $5000

According to Canadian law, fraud under $5000 might be considered criminal or civil law. Both are almost the same involving the court, but you will not get any prosecutor directly here. 

In the criminal code of law, fraud convicts need to go through a tough trial system. Here, a jury board will determine the amount and depth of criminal offenses in a fraud case. If the jury can find out and prove any fraudulence in the convict’s actions, the court might punish him either by a jail sentence or by fines. 

Generally, according to the criminal code of Canada, fraud under $5000 gets considered a summary offence. It means if you are the convict charged for a fraud case, you need not appear in the court physically. Instead, you can contact a professional lawyer and represent you in court and other necessary places regarding the case. 

Punishments for this fraud under $5000 vary depending on the case and the convict’s amount taken away from the victim. If the case is not that much serious, the court might punish you a jail time for only 6 months with a fine worth $2000. If the case gets complex, the jail time and the amount of fine might get increased. 


In concluding remarks, we recommend you consult with a professional criminal lawyer to handle this type of cases. You have already learned about the criminal code of Canada about fraud under $5000 cases. Hopefully, if you face such situations in your own life, this information will help you out a lot.