Cost To Develop Your Next Blockchain Wallet Mobile App


Due to the enormous growth in technology almost all financial business verticals are investing in Blockchain technology. In the current era, several businesses are adopting this new technology due to its abundance of benefits and the recognition it has received in the past few years. Several businesses are adopting blockchain applications and its technology to boost their sales. The growing demand for Bitcoin Applications has augmented speedily because most cryptocurrencies work with the help of wallet applications. It is quite easy to use blockchain apps for transactions. It is so far the best way to make payment for commodities and services you buy by sending from your wallet to a different party wallet.

In addition to this, there are several benefits of Blockchain wallet applications such as enabling you to receive and send bitcoins from one wallet application to another. There is no risk involved in the process of using these applications. With this app, you can even help your customers to exchange cryptocurrencies by means of the Blockchain wallet app.

In this write-up, we are going to discuss the cost of making a blockchain wallet app that helps in easy transactions. Plus we will also discuss various features of the app that you need to consider while developing a blockchain wallet app.

But before moving ahead into the cost of a blockchain app, it is important to understand the working and features of an app that makes blockchain wallets popular and different from other wallets In the marketplace.

Blockchain Wallet Apps advantages:

Well below mentioned are the features of a blockchain wallet app that makes it’s totally different and unique at the same time. Let’s have a look:


When it comes to crypto wallet application authorization is considered as the primary factor. In digital application authentication feature is of great importance as most of the wallets miss this feature. It is two-layer security to protect the cryptocurrencies. The app is maintained through a user sign-in form and Google authentication step. This feature not only protects the credential details of the users but also make the transaction hassle-free.

Push Notifications:

It is one of the well-known features used by users worldwide. Through this feature, the app user receives notifications related to the marketplace and currency price, success, failure, etc. Through this quality, users stay updated with all of their account activity in real-time.

App security feature:

 Adding an extra level of security in the app is what attracts the audience the most. It is certainly one of the common but equally important features of the crypto wallet app. As we know that Blockchain applications are broadly transforming the businesses. Blockchain technology is known to modernize Mobile App Security. With this feature, the app users can change the password of the app at any time they want to modify the private information.

QR code scanner:

The main reason behind the fame of the Blockchain wallet app is its hassle-free transaction feature. There are a number of mobile wallet apps in the market that offer the feature to scan the QR Code and then add keys in the app to receive or send the money. This feature helps a user to perform transactions that are 100% hack-proof and speedy.

Support diverse currencies:

With this app, it is easy to transfer money from one wallet to another. As we know that businesses need apps that work globally and with this app you can send the same as well as different currencies. It is making the process of bitcoin transfer easy among the users.

Now we have discussed a number of features and advantages of having a Blockchain wallet application. Now it is time to discuss the actual point and start discussing the elements connected with the Blockchain app development.

Some important Features of Bitcoin Wallet Application

  • Make transactions related to cryptocurrencies easy.
  • Can receive and send Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple and more
  • 2-factor Authorization to authenticate logins
  • HD wallet and Multi-currency wallet
  • Buying and selling coins integrated into an exchange
  • Creating a new wallet address
  • Share wallet address via QR code image
  • Secure backup of data feature
  • Restore functionality of international wallets
  • Password and pin security 
  • Face unlock security
  • Pin changing feature 
  • Support Multi-languages

Cost of the Blockchain wallet app

Well, when you plan to create an app for your business it is your choice to choose the features you want to add in the app. 

You can choose the platform of the app along with functionalities and tech stack. If you want to make a feature-rich app then you can connect with a Blockchain app development company and discuss your idea with them.

When it comes to the development part there are several things that play a crucial role. The Bitcoin Wallet application development cost totally depends on the features, platform and size of the application. Plus it also depends on the currency you want to add in your wallet app. So to make the app more secure and error-free you need to invest a little more in the app. It is a good option to implement some advanced security features to make the overall development more productive and hack free. Well, the cost of a Bitcoin wallet application ranges around $85k to 95k, depending upon the size, features, and platform that you wish to add in your app.


Hopefully, I tried to give you all the details related to the cost of a blockchain wallet app. There are a number of features and things that you need to keep in mind while developing the app also it is important to choose the right partner to develop a blockchain application. Most of all the things choose what fits your budget and business requirements.