Finally, Blockchain Hype becomes Reality for Business

Newly developed Distributed Ledger Technology creates new software category and delivers real-world benefits to business


Award-winning software developer, cloudyBoss is well known for solving real-world problems through innovation. With the launch of the latest version of its key product, NEXT+™, cloudyBoss is inventing a completely new category of enterprise ecosystem.

With Blockchain Distributed Ledger Technology built into its core, NEXT+ establishes a global precedent in enterprise management business tools.

Termed an EDLT, Enterprise Distributed Ledger Technology, NEXT+ packs more than 85 functional modules and thousands of features, into a platform utilised to run and manage an entire business ecosystem, be it that of a single-entity enterprise, a global multi-entity corporation, or multiple independent organisations working in complex partnerships.

Operating under distributed ledger principles, they can be conventional financial, non-financial, tokenised, or 3P physical and social accounting ones.

With SKYE™, cloudyBoss’ own Blockchain protocol built into its core, the NEXT+ EDLT provides intuitive codeless configurability, full customisation and unlimited scale, but most importantly, extends the scope of DLT usage to every transactional business process: any type of transaction in NEXT+, financial or not, is natively and effortlessly Blockchainable.

Whilst conventional smart contracts require complex software coding and the 1st generation blockchain protocols used to create them face safety, scale and speed issues, NEXT+ suffers none of these drawbacks.

Next+ empowers people, at any level within a business or ecosystem of businesses, to establish their own secure chains, enabling the circulation of certified information, such as across complex supply chain frameworks, or to establish consortiums via codeless automated multi-stage e-contracts between any number of parties.

“NEXT+ represents the start of a new way of doing business,” stated cloudyBoss CEO, Lou Schillaci. “The operational efficiency of NEXT+™ provides relief on capital requirements, removes the administrative effort of record keeping and reduces trade finance pain points such as fees and reconciliation. Costs are contained, revenue losses avoided, and importantly the new economics brought by an EDLT approach to business can create completely new revenue streams.

Today those businesses still utilising traditional enterprise software are facing the complex, costly task of integrating customised Blockchain capability in order to execute even the simplest secure process.”

“When we conceived the SKYE™ Blockchain protocol, that is built into our NEXT+™ product, we deliberately stayed away from peripheral or open source baseline technologies which, while user-centric and distributed in principle, were in our view missing the point in terms of safety, immutability and integrity of the data,” stated cloudyBoss CTO, Giovanni Di Noto.

“They introduce too many potential vulnerabilities, in addition to other challenges such as scale, speed and unfriendly complexity of implementation.

“Our focus from the start was to build a future-proof intuitive yet complete platform – as it turns out a brand-new category – able to withstand the test of time, especially fit for today’s economics, built around distributed ecosystems rather than self-centred businesses.”

NEXT+ is transformative in nature. Unlike existing Blockchain/DLT protocols impacted by low transactional speed or inordinate energy requirements and complexity, NEXT+™ is simple to use: it takes less than a minute to create a secure permissioned blockchain cluster which can be utilised by any group of organisations to safely exchange or record data; scalable to an unlimited number of permissioned nodes, all in seconds, without any technical skills required.

The NEXT+ platform is attracting organisations of all types from all industries, needing Blockchain functionality for either their everyday processes or to build and pioneer new business models more tailored to modern economics. They recognise that it can save them millions of dollars in licensing fees, interfaces maintenance, and provides all the solutions they expect, to manage their operations, no matter how complex.

Furthermore, NEXT+ pricing is all-encompassing and suits any size and style of business – from solo-entrepreneur to large corporate, governmental and wider ecosystems.

Claiming first to market in this new EDLT category, NEXT+ latest version launches on the 5th of November, at Web Summit 2018, one of the World’s largest technology conferences.