Complete list of F1 racing cars in 2019

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It is already the third month of the year and we can finally start noticing some of the upcoming Formula1 racing cars designs for the year 2019. The first racing tournament of the year is on its way and we just cannot wait to check out some of the most amazing designs for this year.

For car enthusiast and Formula1 lovers, car technologies are something that has always blown their mind. Talking about the car technologies thanks to the engineers we have noticed a tremendous shift in the way technology was used in the past and how the technology is being used now. Companies like Rigid have come up with innovative technologies like small ac compressor and dc air conditioner that are designed to provide a top-class cooling system in the cars.

Coming back to F1 racing every year we witness new designs and changes in the car models and this year is definitely not going to be any different. In fact, if experts are to be believed this year some of the car manufacturers are believed to launch super top-notch car designs which are absolutely going to blow your mind. It obvious by now your excitement would be at peak so here is a complete list of cars.

Scuderia Ferrari SF90

Ever since 2008 Ferrari has not won the F1 title. The Ferrari team is thrilled and excited to change and make a comeback with the Scuderia Ferrari SF90 this year. The car design looks fantastic and comes with a red and black combination of colour with a beautiful matt finish.

•    Alpha Romeo Racing C38

The Alpha Romeo Sauber F1 has thought of dropping Sauber from their name for this year. The team is going to flaunt a red and white sports car for this season just like the previous year, the car surely is worth the talk.

•    Racing Point F1 RP19

Racing Point F1 has managed its way through the 2019 racing car season. The car design is said to retain the BWT car model in pink color scheme with the brand new sponsor company SportsPesa.

•    William Racing FW 42

The new racing car FW 42 was finally revealed by William at the livery this year. The Martini sponsorship has been replaced by a communications company. The car comes in a combination of blue, black and white colour. The perfect colour combination looks amazing on the car model and is going to excite most of the racecar lovers out there.

•    McLaren MCL34

It is going to be the second season for McLaren along powered by Renault. It is believed that the McLaren will be using the same color theme that they have been using over the past years which is the same orange color theme. The orange color is an offset of vega blue on Mclaren’s conventional cars.

•    Mercedes AMG Petronas W10

Mercedes is believed to make a comeback this year with its model Mercedes AMG PETRONAS W10. It is simply a mind-blowing car with silver and a turquoise touch of a colour scheme. It is a very talked about the car and most people are excited to watch it this season. For racing car lovers it is one of the most loved cars and we just can’t wait to watch it.

  • Rich Energy Haas F1 Team VF-19

The VF-19 in one of the most talked about a car model that is going to be a part of the F1 racing 2019. The car comes in black and golden colour just like its title sponsor which is Rich Energy. It is quite similar to John Player’s design which makes it more interesting to look forward to.

  • Scuderia Toro Rosso STR14

Toro Roso becomes the second manufacturer that has decided to tell their livery in the coming season. The car is going to have a color scheme of red, blue and white which is more or less the same. The powertrain is again the same purchased from Honda.