Have You Been a Victim of Investment Fraud? Common Cases a Lawyer Can Handle


Investment fraud occurs when a person or entity contacts you out of the blue and offers you a chance to invest money in real estate, currency, stocks, notes, or bonds. These investment opportunities can be presented online, over the phone, or in person and are often tailored as legitimate offers in established industries. The bottom line is that these investment opportunities do not exist and are only designed to take your hard-earned money.

If you are a victim of investment fraud, here are some common cases that lawyers handle.

Affinity Group Cases

Affinity fraud is a type of investment fraud that takes advantage of the friendship and trust that exists between groups of people who have something in common like religion, profession, or ethnic identity. Fraudsters are part of or pretend to be part of the group so as to enlist unsuspecting victims and encourage them to spread the word about the investment opportunity.

If you have lost money due to affinity fraud, a lawyer who handles investment fraud cases can help you pursue legal action to hold the fraudster accountable and get your money back.

Recovery Room Fraud

Recovery room fraud is especially cruel because it is a type of fraud that targets recent investment fraud victims. The original fraudster sells the victim’s information to a second fraudster, who convinces the victim to make an investment. After the victim makes an investment, the second fraudster disappears with the money, and the victim never sees that money or the original amount they invested.

A lawyer who handles investment fraud cases can help you with your recovery room fraud case by assembling compelling evidence and fighting relentlessly to help you recover your money.

Foreign Exchange Fraud

Foreign exchange fraud is a form of fraud that intends to convince investors of high profits by trading in the foreign exchange market. In reality, this is a zero-sum game where the fraudsters gain while the investors lose.  

If you are the victim of foreign exchange fraud, a lawyer who handles investment fraud cases can help you recover lost funds. A lawyer can develop and manage your foreign exchange claim against the sham broker involved in executing the foreign exchange fraud and help you regain your lost money.

Ponzi scheme Fraud

A Ponzi scheme is a scheme that pays early investors with funds collected from later investors. For Ponzi schemes to survive, they require a constant flow of new money from new recruits, and when a Ponzi scheme cannot recruit new investors, it eventually collapses. The Ponzi schemer often promises unsuspecting victims that they will invest their money and generate high returns with minimal risk.

If you have lost your hard-earned money as a result of joining a Ponzi scheme, a lawyer who handles investment fraud cases can help you bring action against the founders of the Ponzi scheme and recover your hard-earned money.

Contact a Lawyer Who Handles Investment Fraud Cases

If you are a victim of investment fraud, the easiest way to know whether or not you have a case is to consult a lawyer. Once your lawyer determines you have a case, they will fight fervently on your behalf and do everything possible to restore your money and bring the fraudsters to book.