Can Electronics Affect Your Sleep Quality?


To understand how these things affect your sleep, you have first to know how your body works. When you go to sleep, the body goes into a state of deep sleep. This means that your brain and the muscles are in a relaxed state of mind. Therefore, there is significantly less work to be done, and you wake up feeling refreshed and more alert.

The Process And Importance OF Sleep

As you rest, this same process repeats itself, and you wake up feeling refreshed again. Therefore, your body will need time to repair itself after you go to sleep at night. As you can see, this process of repairing and rebooting takes place during the night’s sleep. This means that if you use electronic appliances at night, your night’s sleep quality will be significantly reduced.

We all want something that is waking up to the sound of music or the sight of the sun coming up. Unfortunately, our bodies basically are unable to produce this sensation on their own during sleep. The only thing you can do is get yourself in the right frame of mind by relaxing. This is one of the reasons you should consider how the use of electronics before bed affects your sleep.

  • The lighting of Your bedroom determines your sleep quality

One of the other things that affect your night’s sleep is the lighting in your bedroom. Too much light can be counterproductive. You should set the bedroom scene according to your comfort level. If there are too many lights, you may feel as if it is too bright, and you will not sleep well. On the other hand, too little light is uncomfortable for your eyes, and you may get a headache if your eyes are opened wide during sleep.

Apart from correct lighting and various other factors that impact your sleep quality, the mattress size and quality are other essential factors affecting your sleep quality. Sometimes, you might need a larger mattress for your master bedroom; therefore, you might set a size comparison between a king mattress and a western king mattress. King mattresses are square-shaped at 76 inches wide and 80 inches long, whereas a western King mattress, also known as California King mattress, is 72 inches wide and 84 inches long, making it a rectangle-shaped bed at work.

  • The Correct Temperature of your Room

Your sleeping environment is also critical. You should avoid having the room temperature too low or too high. You should also avoid having the room too warm or too cold. Your night’s sleep quality will be significantly affected if you fall prey to these conditions.

You must also select the correct mattress size after analyzing your sleeping requirement, apart from the correct room temperature. A king and Queen size mattress measures at 76”x80”x11 and 60”x80”x11” respectively. A queen size mattress is usually 16 inches less wide than a King size mattress while both the mattress measures at 80 inches long. A King size mattress is usually meant for couples who would love to stretch and families with master bedrooms; it would also accommodate smaller families in the bed. A Queen bed is meant ideally for single sleepers or couples with no pets. Therefore before buying out the mattress of your choice, you must figure out the size of your bedroom and the people that would accommodate you to your bed, etc.

  •  Impact of social media on Sleep Quality

Though our communication has increased drastically with the advent of social media, it has its negative aspects too. The one downside of social media use is that there is a temptation to become overly involved. If your Facebook or Twitter account is filled with comments from your friends, you are more likely to overanalyze every movement during the night. If this happens, you may miss a significant opportunity to wind down and sleep. In addition, because social media is primarily a visual outlet, it can cause us to become visually focused on the media, missing key components such as sights, sounds, and smells.

Social media leads to anxiety and stress about the way people comment on our pictures, the way we portray our self in the media, and the FOMG(fear of missing out) factor all theses leads to our minds being so stressed out and anxious that it is not allowed to sleep correctly, It specially affects the REM Sleep due to its excessive use.

  • Blue Light Emitted by Smartphones is not suitable for our sleep

The biological clock of our body adhere to the natural circadian level, which follows a natural 24-hour sleep-wake cycle from sunrise to sunset; Electronics backed blue light or fluorescent and LED light emit a blue light basically that hampers the production of melatonin in our body that allows us to sleep naturally thus prolonging our awakeness. This inhibits our sleep and lets us awake tired and disgusted because of the lack of sleep we have just received.

We cannot do away with the day and age we are in. We have to somehow co-ordinate and compromise with technology in a way that benefits both of us. Therefore, here are a few tips that would help us sleep better at night.

  • Avoid using screens before sleeping.
  • Keep your mobile phones or any other devices at a distance or away from the bed where you are sleeping, which will help in fewer distractions.
  • People should use glasses that block the blue light, which will help in shielding direct blue light into the eyes.
  • Use night mode.
  • To make a specific timetable for being on-screen and off-screen.


The last thing you should know about how the use of electronics before bed affects your sleep is that it is a health risk. These things contribute to the risk of a computer screen and TV ear strain. Not only do these things affect your sleep, but they are also terrible for your health in general. Therefore, if you want to ensure that you get a good night’s sleep, avoid using electronic gadgets like TVs and games before bed.