Boost Flipkart‘s Warehouse Efficiency with Chainway PDA



Flipkart is the largest e-commerce company in India,with a focused and concentrated approach to give much needed boost to marketing and sales of all kinds of products/merchandise. With the development of its business in recent years, the circulation of goods has been increasing, and the mechanisms of supply and distribution have become more complicated and chaotic, which bringing about numerous challenges to warehousing management. Flipkart cooperated with Chainway to introduce C4050/C4000 rugged handheld computers for warehousing management of the entire supply chain, upgrading to improve operational efficiency and reduce labor costs.


1. The increased number of goods makes manual sorting time-consuming and error-prone, resulting in more labor costs.

2. The expansion of supply and demand channels makes the whole mechanism of the entire supply an arduous task.

3. The shipping status of goods becomes intactable resulting in unprocessed delivery entries.

4. The managers are barred from real time access to logistics for further analysis.

5. Without reliable assessment criteria, it is hard to establish an effective incentive mechanism for personnel management.


Each product is attached with a barcode for smart identification and sorting in each link. Chainway handheld computers can realize real-time tracking of goods transportation, to streamline the whole process and enhance work efficiency.Workers use Chainway PDA to record the key information of the entire process from sorting to delivery of each order. And theprocesseddata can be updated to the information management platform through the wireless network. As a result, the administrator can obtain real-time information efficiently through the background system. At the same time, it also provides users with logistics tracking information for better service experience.

Application Details

Intelligent Sorting

With Chainway PDA integrated with the 1D/2D barcode scanning, workers canautomatically identify the goods, enabling accurate and fast processing of goods. The task, which earlier required deployment of multiple personnel for several hours could now be be processed by a single personnel in shorter duration of time promoting effiecient procedure of the ntire distribution process.

Logistics Tracking

The information of each order from sorting to delivery process is recorded in details. Managers can check the data of the logisticsin real time through the backend system.In case of an inaccuracy, the corrections can be made well in advance averting any kind of materaiastic as loss.

Back-end System Management

The manager of headquarters canimmediatedlyobtain the information of goods during input and output of the warehouse, thus adjusting proper management logistically in real time optimizing the delivery of the said merchandise resource at resource distributor.


1. It streamlines the operational procedures of Flipkart. Moreover, it improves the operational efficiency of logistics and saves costs;

2. It achieves intelligent receipt and delivery, free from manual operation. It also automates the sorting process to ensurethe correct rate of parcel sorting up to 99%.

3. Equalizesthe interconnection among the national logistics sites and allows the unified management by the headquarters, which improves the transfer speed between the warehouses and optimizes the allocation of resources.

4. It realizes real-time tracking of logistics information and enhances customer satisfaction.

5. A more sound distribution network is established to provide users with faster delivery services.