What To Consider Before Choosing an Islamic English Medium School?


Choosing the most suitable schooling for your child can be a difficult task. Should you admit your child to a regular school? Should your child go to an Islamic school? Would it be a Bangla medium or English medium school?

Being a Muslim might be ideal for sending your kid to an Islamic school where the medium of instruction is English. One of the best Islamic English medium schools is Guidance International School, where students can gain Islamic knowledge and other subjects in the English language.

But why should you choose an Islamic English medium institution? This article will provide a guideline on how the best Islamic English medium school in Dhaka should be.

What You Can Expect from an Islamic English Medium School

As the name suggests, Islamic English medium schools follow the Dakhil education system in Bangladesh. The system is a blend of Islamic education and the international system of English medium instruction.

As a result, the core concept is to teach students about Islamic manners and teachings. You can expect the institution to carry the ideals and knowledge of Islam. Children can learn about reciting the Holy Quran with the proper meaning of the verses. As a result, they can implement the teachings of Islam in their own lives.

Moreover, Arabic would become a mandatory language skill for students to recite Quran. Therefore, Islamic English medium schools also teach students how to read, speak, and write in the Arabic language.

Furthermore, these schools go the extra mile to teach students other subjects in English. This means that children can learn about mathematics, science, technology, art, history, and many other issues in the most universally expected form of education out there.

How to Choose the Best Islamic English Medium School in Dhaka

As a parent, you now know what to expect from these schools. But how do you find the most suitable one for your child? The competition in the education industry is exceptionally high. Therefore, here are a few tips to help you find the best ones available.

The reputation of the school

The first thing you should look into is the reputation of the school in the industry. It is understandable not to have many up-to-the-mark Islamic schools in our country that can ensure quality education. Therefore, consider selecting one that is reputed among other parents.

The education quality of the school

The next factor on the list is the way of teaching of the school. A well-reputed school should ideally provide quality education. In addition, quality education also means that the subjects follow international standards and syllabus. Therefore, go through the school website and catalogues before choosing the ideal institution.

Check the tuition fees

Another essential factor to consider is the tuition fees of the school. It should ideally match with your family income and yearly budget. You can always find quality education with minimal expenses.

Importance of Admitting Your Child to an Islamic English Medium School

Admitting your child to a school is a significant decision of the family. Therefore, you need to be strategic with your decision. Admitting your child to an Islamic English medium school could be the wisest choice. Here is why:

Grow into a life of Islamic manners and rituals

As Muslims, we all want to be close to our religion. Unfortunately, the real world may not also allow us to do that. Getting your child to an Islamic school would be a great decision. Your child can learn about Islamic manners and rituals. On top of that, kids can start practicing the Islamic ways from a very early age.

Learn different subjects in a universally accepted language

Along with the Islamic teachings and practices, your child can learn everything else in English. This can be hugely beneficial when it comes to leading a life outside the comfort zone. You definitely would want your children to prosper in jobs, businesses, or other earning sources. English provides them with the option to come close to the digital and scientific methods of living.

Get spiritually and scientifically knowledgeable

This could seem a bit complex. But think of it this way. Your child is learning the Islamic methods and suggestions of the Almighty. Additionally, the child is coming across all the other knowledge of the world. Could there be anything better to bring about a kid! Your children will feel spiritually more connected and scientifically more advanced, all at the same time.


In the end, it all comes down to making the best decision for your child. Finding the best Islamic English medium school in Dhaka could be more challenging than it seems. You may also hear backlashes from several people. Focus on your research and the benefits of such learnings. Thus, your child would have the brightest future ahead.