Best Free PDF Editors Review – CocoDoc


Editing PDFs is a crucial part of managing your business. It is important to find the best PDF editor so that you can edit your documents on the go. Although there are hundreds of PDF editors that you can find online, most of them are expensive and do not provide many options.

That is why today we will discuss one of the best Free PDF editors- CocoDoc. This article will cover everything that you need to know about this application. Also, we have a final verdict to help you decide whether it is for you or not.

So, read the complete review before you edit PDF with CocoDoc.


CocoDoc is an online PDF editor that lets you manage different files conveniently. It can be used as a regular tool to make minor changes to a PDF file. We recommend this application as it is completely free and does not require any additional application on your device.

All you need is to create an account on CocoDoc’s website and start editing PDFs whenever you want. More and more people are using this solution due to its advanced features. It lets you convert the PDF file to almost any other file format on the fly.

Also, there is a feature that helps you sign the files electronically. 

Here’s a complete list of its features:

Features of CocoDoc Solution

Complete Editing Tool: CocoDoc offers a complete PDF editing solution on its platform. The best part is that you do not need to use any other application for simple tasks like signing PDF, creating forms, and converting files. Thus, it is the most important feature that you would expect from such a tool.

Quick Editor: Other than the basic editing features, it has some other tools that help in the quick editing of PDF documents. You can add or remove pages, words, sentences, graphics, or even signatures from a document. 

Ready-to-use Templates: It is loaded with hundreds of templates to help you create pages for your PDF files. That way, anyone can add a new page to a PDF file without having to create a layout first. 

 Advanced Integrations: Many powerful integrations make it easier to upload or share files with other users. You can start editing a PDF file from any page and save it on your online account conveniently.

eSign PDF: You no longer need to worry about adding your physical signatures on the PDF file. This editor has handy options that let you add a signature on any page you want. Users can add multiple signatures on the same page as well.

PDF Convertors: If you want to convert a PDF file in any other format, you will find a tool for that on this platform. You can check the features on the homepage of its website as well.

Who Prefers This Online Solution?

Users who want a reliable PDF editor without paying a heavy subscription fee can go for this solution. It is because this platform is filled with different tools and features that make it much easier to edit any PDF online. Also, it is the first choice of millions of users because of its advanced PDF convertors.

Thus, if you need a PDF editor for some small changes now and then, you must go for this application.

Can I Trust This Platform With My PDF Files?

We understand that most of our readers are professionals and want to protect the confidentiality of their data as well. That is why we did some research on the security of this platform. You would love to know that this platform is safe to use and comes with an encrypted server. Additionally, no one else can access your data without logging in to your account.

Thus, we recommend creating a strong password for your online account. You can also check the privacy policy on its website to learn more about how it handles your data.

Final Words

After considering all its features, we think that CocoDoc is an excellent tool for professionals. It has some easy-to-use features that come in handy for some quick changes in a PDF file. If you need to create different presentations, you must check this application out. 

The online storage offered by this platform is impressive and does a great job in sharing files online. Hence, you can keep your files secure, and access them whenever you want.