Best Egypt Slots

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One of the more common slot themes that players will come across is Egypt. Despite its regular use, Egypt remains a popular slot theme amongst players – also try Rainbow Riches slots. There are many reasons for this.

Egyptian Theme 

No place seems to fascinate people as much as Ancient Egypt. The imagery from the culture is still prevalent in the 21st century. Things such as the pyramids and buried Pharaohs are instantly recognisable to people despite existing hundreds of years ago. The exotic designs featured in Egyptian culture make it a perfect basis for a slot theme. Not only can players instantly recognise the imagery used in these themes but the ancient buried treasures are the perfect basis for a slot. The exotic designs and alluring visuals of these slot themes help them to stand out from the others, Egyptian slots are one of the most common and popular slot themes being used, with slot themes being based around the pyramids, buried treasures, mythical kings and even Cleopatra. 

Best Egyptian Slots 

The valley of kings has provided plenty of inspiration for slot games over the years, every developer has taken a shot at creating an Egyptian themed slot. The following are some of the very best. 

  1. Solar Queen – As the name suggests, this slot takes place at night. Developed by Playson this slot has a multitude of features for players to enjoy such as free spins, scatters and wilds. The slot has four rows, five reels and twenty paylines which when coupled with the amazing visuals, creates a truly wonderful experience.
  2. Book of Gold has a luscious design that will make any player feel like they can almost touch the mystical rubies and hidden treasures. There is also a wonderful free spins feature which features symbols which expand across the reels, this can lead to some big wins for the player!

Tips to Win 

Playing Egyptian themed slots is incredible fun but the reality is that winning is what matters most with slot games. Egyptian themed slots often pose an interesting challenge for players. The following are some of the best tips to win. 

Bet smaller – Although betting smaller may not bring you the biggest rewards, the fact is that betting smaller can help a player to win more in the long run. This playing style requires maximum patience from players but those who stick with the playing style will eventually be rewarded.

Use demo slots – Demo slots are free to play versions of slot games and they offer the perfect chance for players to practise. This has obvious benefits for players who are just starting out but more experienced players will be pleased to know that they can still reap the benefits of a demo slot, particularly when there is a new slot release which uses brand new gameplay features that players won’t necessarily understand. 

Final Thoughts 

With their exploration of culture and amazing visuals, Egytian themed slots have gained a reputation with players for being fun to play and beautiful to look at.