Bentley Systems Announces Agreement to Acquire AIworx, Specialists in Machine Learning and IoT Technologies

Leveraging digital twins’ analytics visibility for infrastructure asset performance


Bentley Systems Incorporated, the leading global provider of comprehensive software solutions for advancing the design, construction, and operations of infrastructure, today announced it has entered an agreement to acquire Quebec City-basedAIworx, Inc., a provider of machine learning and internet of things (IoT) technologies and services. The addition of AIworxbrings advancements in data collection and analysis to leverage infrastructure engineering digital twins, continuously updated with real-time contextual information, to optimize productivity, operations, and maintenance.

Industry4.0 and IoT(Internet of Things). Factory automation system. AI(Artificial Intelligence).

Andre Villemaire, co-founder and president ofAIworx, said, “AIworxhas been providing machine learning and IoT technologies and services to help organizations generate, understand, and act on data so they can make better business decisions. The biggest opportunities we’ve worked on have to do with improving infrastructure asset performance on an industrial scale, by way of the data from connected machines, instrumentation, sensors, and communications systems—and we’re excited to dedicate ourselves to that advancement. Now, by incorporating our tools into Bentley’s services for digital twins, we enable infrastructure operators to multiply the potential benefits of machine learning and IoT.”

Francois Valois, vice president of portfolio development for Bentley Systems, said, “Machine learning and IoT technologies have created the opportunity for profound improvements in productivity and efficiency of infrastructure. Our new colleagues from AIworx have already been delivering on this potential, and now, leveraging the analytics visibility, which Bentley’s digital twin cloud services uniquely provide, these advancements from going digital will accelerate exponentially!”