Benefits of WordPress Site and How to Make it Load Faster

Building WordPress website

Websites that load fast favor both the business owner and the visitors. If you’ve ever tried accessing a website that took forever to load, you can never dispute the fact that fast-loading websites can attract more leads. If your website is slow, it is time you hired the best advertising agency in Phoenix to assist you.

How Should a Fast-Loading Website Be?

Light sites that load fast will show results almost instantly after you enter the site’s address on your browser of choice. It’s quite unfortunate that some sites take up to ten seconds to load.  With the help of an experienced advertising agency in Phoenix, you can make your site load faster and convert more leads. Don’t let slow-loading sites make you lose visitors and potential clients. Spend more time and resources on making your website fast. Also, feeding your site with fresh and informative content, adding new features, and listing more products is vital.

Benefits of moving to a WordPress site:

Ease of Use

Most people may find it hard to learn how to use new software. WordPress, on the other hand, tries to eliminate this challenge. Setting up the site using the tools they provide is a walk in the park. Most procedures are straight forward with a lot of drag and drop options which make it simple for a fast timer to find their way around the platform and design something appealing.


Pocket-friendly doesn’t come better than WordPress. It is a free open source platform so you can gain access to it and use it without having to pay anything. It is possible to get a feel of the platform and what it can do for your website and even the support provided from the community forums is free. You may have to pay if you want access to more advanced features and options but even still, they are not as expensive as some options out there. It is amazing how a free platform can be this good.

When you search for a hosting platform, always opt for one that supports WordPress, the benefits are numerous and if you are not entirely satisfied by what you have, you can add plugins to make it better.

Check Your Site’s Speed

You can’t increase your site’s speed while you have no idea of its current speed. There are tons of effective tools for checking website speed online. These tools offer accurate load speed data and rate the speeds based on the issues found. Focus more on the speed of your site rather than the assigned score. Make Google Analytics, your friend, if you want to track your website’s speed efficiently. Use DOM Timings to get accurate reports on the time it takes the site to present relevant results based on user preferences.

What’s the Impact of Fast Site Loading Time on SEO?

Google has been ranking websites based on speed since 2010.  The search engine spiders have the potency to give accurate site’s load speed results.  It’s likely the speed of mobile pages will be used to rank mobile sites. So how does website speed affect SEO?

Choose the Right Web Host

The wrong web host service can mess you big time. If the hosting servers aren’t fast and always updated, chances are high visitors to your site will experience downtimes and low load speeds.

Consider PHP 7

PHP 7 is a programing language powering more than 80% of the web. The newest version has a PHPNG update that aims to boost performance and reduce memory use.


Consider using a content distribution network to ensure all your end-users from different parts of the world are served with the right content at the right speeds.

Choose the Best WordPress Theme

If you are using a WordPress website, then the best WordPress theme can save you from a range of problems. Identify a good theme that looks attractive and performs best in conversions, speed, and SEO.

Go AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)

Use the Accelerated Mobile Pages project from Twitter to make your site faster to load and tap the value of the high mobile users.

Consider Google PageSpeed

With PageSpeed, your site’s bandwidth and latency usage will be enhanced greatly with simple HTML code caching.

Optimize Your Sites Images

Ensure you optimize every image on your site for increasing loading speed.

Remove the Plugins You don’t Use

Adding plugins to your site is easy, but don’t you think adding so many of these plugins can slow down your site.

Wrap Up Whether offering products, blogging, or service, making your site easy to load is important. Do the little things that will fasten your site and increase the results by up to 80%, and 2020 will be your year of success.