4 Ways Your Business Can Benefit From Using Pre-Employment Testing Software

Pre-Employment Testing Software

Companies, whether big or small, are no strangers to pre-employment testing. They leverage this tool to fill vacancies and ensure that they acquire top talent. For hopeful candidates, pre-employment testing is an opportunity to present themselves as potential assets for the company. 

Assessments often require job applicants to undergo a series of tests to determine if their skills and behaviour will mesh with the company culture. Delivered as a battery of tests, they are primarily paper and labour-intensive, making it challenging to administer and update. 

All that changed with the development of software-based pre-employment testing. This innovation transforms decades-old paper and pencil tests into computerized exams and makes recruitment a breeze for your HR department. Not only that, but this dedicated program also provides several benefits for your company now and in the future.

Business Benefits Of Pre-Employment Testing Software

Pre-employment testing software is one of the many recruitment tools that your HR personnel can use to improve the way you acquire top talent. Its deployment allows them to:  

1. Make Informed Hiring Decisions 

Pre-employment testing provides a holistic assessment of job applicants based on your company culture and position requirements. Testing software consolidates several assessment tools to provide a complete picture of a potential candidate’s technical skills and personal qualities. 

Aptitude tests measure an applicant’s job skills, while psychometric testing yields insight into an applicant’s behaviour. Integrity tests also determine if they exhibit behaviours that will affect the company. The software can tally their scores from these different tests and determine if they fit the requirements for the required position.   

Pre-employment testing software gives recruiters better knowledge about a job candidate and eliminates unconscious bias. Hiring managers obtain test scores without reference to gender, race, and other distinctions listed in the applicant’s resume. They provide real-time performance indicators that allow hiring managers to identify prospective employees from a qualified candidate pool.

2. Ensures Rapid Deployment Of Testing Materials 

Computerized pre-hire testing also streamlines the recruitment process by expanding access. Candidates may no longer need to report several times to the office to finish all tests, as they can access everything from one platform during a scheduled testing date. Some types of employment testing software even allow candidates to access the exams from a home computer or a mobile device.  

Testing automation serves as a cost-effective measure not just for HR but for your entire company. It reduces the time and effort required for HR personnel to screen applicants. Rapid deployment of computerized tests allows them to focus on in-depth interviews and other activities instead. In turn, your company benefits from increased hiring productivity. Positions are filled faster, and employees stay longer.

3. Allows HR To Leverage Data For Employee Development

Aside from serving as a digital testing channel, pre-employment software also has additional advantages. They allow HR to administer tests and utilize data from their hiring efforts. 

Testing software can serve as a talent database for recruiters. They can use it for filling future job openings. It eliminates the need for files or drawers of applications as it doubles as a digital storehouse of qualified candidates. HR can also use data collection features to identify potential hires and equip them with additional training for eventual employment. 

For those already hired, testing software helps managers draft suitable training for team member development. HR can use test scores to craft team member development opportunities to help them fulfil their potential.

4. Serves As A Branding Tool 

Presenting pre-hire tests in digital format also elevates the candidate experience. Using software instead of paper and pens gives applicants the impression that your company is professional and progressive.

Likewise, customized pre-employment testing software provides you with an opportunity to promote your company as a fun and positive workplace. Infusing gaming elements can make aptitude tests fun, while simulation tests provide candidates with real-life situations that help them prepare for the privilege of joining your ranks.

Using appealing tests not only increases awareness about your company’s technological ability. It also establishes your reputation among aspiring applicants. The software can make all this possible, and subsequent recruitment efforts can make a lasting impression on everyone.  

Software Is Key 

In sum, pre-employment testing software is key to improving the candidate selection process. It provides standardized tests for required skills and behaviours and even allows you to customize them to fit your position requirements and company culture. 

Digital pre-hire testing formats provide a holistic evaluation of any candidate, devoid of recruitment bias or subjective assessment. Scores go beyond gender or racial differences and focus more on aptitude and personality. Aside from its obvious function, additional features of the said software allow HR to leverage data for future hiring efforts. 

Pre-employment testing software also allows customization that serves as effective branding tools. Game-like tweaks and real-life simulations make it both an engaging and compelling way to convince applicants that your company is a positive and progressive workplace.