Being One Step Ahead in Algorithmic Trading


Without a doubt, algorithmic trading has massively changed the way traders do their business. It is the use of computers with pre-programmed codes and instructions that will do all the analysis in seconds, something which is impossible for human trading. With the advent of such technology, trading has become more accessible and convenient for every man.

However, just because the machines analyze for you, does not mean that you would not necessarily have any factor in the trading business. Companies such as the Triforce Trader provides essential instructions on how to become algorithmic trader. Such instructions include providing basic knowledge regarding different algorithmic trading strategies such as:

  • Momentum Investing which is based on market trends with high volume on a given time
  • Factor-Based Investing, on the other hand, is based on historical data. Directly, it factors those with high returns over the past few years or decades.
  • Sentiment Analysis, lastly, is based on crowd reaction. These can be determined by keeping up to date with current news.

You might already be wondering where to start on how to become an algorithmic trader. To begin, here are essential benefits of algorithmic trading:

Algorithmic Trading is Speedy

With the erratic condition of market trends, keeping up to speed would be impossible for humans. Spotting of changes and analyzing such would usually take a day or two or even weeks for the typical human trader. But with algorithmic trading, it can compute, analyze, and execute instructions within a matter of seconds.

Algorithmic Trading is Accurate

One of the many benefits of algorithmic trading is its accuracy in computing. Manual entries open many possibilities of errors, but computers hardly ever do. The precision that computer has in algorithmic trading helps you save time from cleaning up any mistakes.

Algorithmic Trading Reduces Cost

The use of algorithmic trading has been proven to save two vital resources in every business: time and money. The use of a speedy and accurate computer can save you weeks and millions, which then can be allocated to other areas in your business.

Algorithmic Trading Provides Back Tests

As mentioned, one of the strategies used in algorithmic trading is factor-based investing, which is based on historical data. Before human traders do not test new computations on old data as such would be time-consuming. But with algorithmic trading, new formulas and previous data can now be tested to see whether such works together.

Modern technology has already changed the way people live for the past decades. It has made things more convenient and at the same time, more competitive. All forms of sciences and all industries have greatly benefitted in such development.

The stock market and trading system have also benefitted from technological developments, especially with the use of algorithmic trading. In general, the business world has become more competitive than ever, and it’s beneficial for consumers as each company strives to provide services catered to their needs. That is why every company must invest and learn the art of algorithmic trading.