Become a Champion With The Six Sigma Black Belt Certification

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The Six Sigma Black Belt certification makes a professional lead the management tasks of a company in such a way that it generates profit in the future. One can get such skills and expertise from the Black Belt certification. As this course makes you equipped with managerial and leadership qualities to place your foot successfully in the corporate world. The Six Sigma Black Belt certification includes an exam and you need to achieve a passing score in it.

Learn All About Six Sigma Strategy

DMAIC, which is a Six Sigma strategy that you need to master in order to get this certification. DMAIC stands for Design, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control. This means that you first have to design then measure the data by analyzing it thoroughly. Afterward, the processes are improved and finally controlled. All this will teach you how to become a successful manager for an organization. DMAIC makes you understand your goals and objectives from the beginning till the end and construct ways for ensuring efficient work.

You might feel that these are easy steps however, the reality is completely opposite. It involves a lot of technicalities to understand and perform. Therefore, the training program for the Black Belt covers every aspect of this certification. And yes, you can have the comfort of learning at your place by joining an online course. The knowledge hub is one such website that offers excellent training for such certifications.

The Black Belt Training Program

The responsibility of a Black Belt certified professional is to manage the project execution entirely and not the ongoing operations within an organization. This Six Sigma certification emphasizes both soft as well as hard skills to achieve the desired target.

The Black Belt training is mostly given in 4 weeks that too in 4 in 4 consecutive months. This approach is adopted to avoid any kind of pressure of overloading the technical details all at once. And each week will take you through the stages of Six Sigma DMAIC process one by one.

DEFINE: The Define phase involves the core concepts such as bell curve, various methodologies, and defect definition of Six Sigma.

MEASURE: The Measure phase is there to develop an effective and at the same time a robust measurement system. The successful completion of the project depends on such a system.

ANALYSE: The Analysis phase of the Black Belt certification training will vary in accordance with the company and provider. For instance, in the engineering context, there will involve in-depth instructions for statistics along with an analysis of some quantitative methods.

IMPROVE: The Improve phase revolves around designing those solutions which are sustainable. The most preferred solution is the one which is the simplest and most effective.

CONTROL: The Control phase focuses on the importance of a project which is being passed for operational management. It ensures the smooth performance of ongoing processes.

Six Sigma also consist of other belts like yellow, green, and other belts. Out of which Green Belt holders are the managers who basically assist a high-level manager i.e. Black Belt certified personnel in an organization. This is because the Green Belt training involves the core knowledge of the concepts and tools of Six Sigma.

Final Phase of The Six Sigma Black Belt Certification

The final phase of the Six Sigma Black Belt certification is called the project delivery phase. And in order to receive this certification, a candidate is required to complete between two and four projects of DMAIC. These projects aim to deliver measurable as well as quantified result which is being shown by (DPMO) Defects Per Million Opportunities ranking and the sigma score. Then the leader of the Six Sigma authority who is the Master Black Belt holder will further review everything and give a final decision. With this, the process of Six Sigma Black Belt certification completes.

How to Choose the Best Training For You?

In a corporate world, there comes across a number of professionals with varied skills and capabilities. Some are leaders while some prefer being led. So, therefore, before choosing a perfect Six Sigma certification, you need to know as to which category you fall into. Basically, the trainees of the Six Sigma Black Belt are those who aspire to generate problem-solving processes as well as act as leaders to others.

A Black Belt holder must be aware of all the principles, processes and tools of Six Sigma. Not only this but also displaying leadership qualities by understanding team dynamics smartly. As a team leader, you will be assigned the role of designating activities, controlling, and assigning work your team. Therefore, team dynamics is imperative to understand for successfully leading your team and generating a fruitful result.

To receive the Black Belt Six Sigma certification, you first need to complete a quality improvement project related to Six Sigma. Then submit your project to get the review board. In addition to this, for qualifying this examination one must be aware of the basic concepts and principles of Lean Six Sigma process. The more you are equipped with all the technicalities related to Six Sigma greater are your chances of becoming a Six Sigma Black Belt certified.

Rewards of the Six Sigma Black Belt

Today, it has been seen that most companies train their employees i.e re-certify them under the rules and regulations of that company. The Six Sigma Black Belt jobs have emerged over some years. This is mainly due to the reason that most of the companies whether small or big are utilizing the techniques and methodologies of Six Sigma for generating great profits. And Black Belt is the master of all Six Sigma courses. The Black Belt holders possess excellent skills and expertise to help an organization boost its profits.

You can refer to the online content for the preparation of this certification. Also, there are many great books about Six Sigma that you can follow. Make sure that you learn all the technical and implementation books of the Six Sigma Black Belt. Therefore, learn the art of improving businesses either by delivering better quality products, financial savings, additional output, cost reductions, or through other means.

This certification is undoubtedly rewarding so go on and learn everything about the Six Sigma Black Belt and be a champion.

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