B2B Lead Generation Tools – Find Email IDs and Contact Numbers


If you are looking for lead prospecting tools for your B2B business solution then you have landed at the right place. We have brought some cool web based tools for generating quality leads for your business. These lead prospecting tools allow you to extract your prospect’s contact information like email address and phone number from their profile page.

If you are working in sales and marketing profile and come across a new prospect who you think will be a perfect fit for your product/ service then won’t like to miss this opportunity to pitch your product to them. There are several traditional ways you can find contact detail of a prospect but imagine if you could get it right on your web browser just on a  click. Yes you got it right. Here is the list of few tried and tested email and mobile number finder tools that can be used to extract contact detail of a prospect from their social profiles like Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter.

Here are the tools arranged in order according to their popularity


ContactOut comes first in our list as our experience with the tools in incredible. It’s one of our best email search engine we ever encountered and love to use it everyday. The tool is easy to use and can get you email IDs and contact number of the profile you visit on Linkedin. It’s as simple as thinking about the prospect you want to contact – simply navigate the prospect’s linkedin profile, click on the ContactOut’s chrome extension and it brings you the info you are looking for.

ContactOut web page


Lusha, yes you read it right. We love this tool as we use it and recommend it to the world just because it works perfectly for B2B leads generation. It is an immensely popular lead enrichment tool that not only finds email addresses for you but also contact numbers of the prospects.

All you need to do is visit your prospect’s Linkedin or Twitter handle and Lusha will bring their contact detail from their database right on your browser. Just install their extension, available for both Chrome and Firefox and you are all set to go.


Sales.Rocks comes second in our list as this tool works perfectly for B2B prospecting. It’s a web-based prospecting tool, gives you access to thousands of companies. You can simply download the database of companies which includes company name, website, email, phone, pin-code and many other useful information.

If you are looking for a specific person’s detail, you can get it there just by providing some basic detail.


Adapt is the third most popular tool for B2B lead generation and prospecting. It’s a web-based tool which can be used to find contact detail of a prospect from their Linkedin profile. You install their browser extension, available for both Chrome and Firefox. You can use their web-based interface to do your own research on the basis of company domain, city, country, and prospect name if available. It will bring all the prospects detail in their database.

All you have to do is, just download the browser extension, visit the Linkedin profile of a prospect and find the detail of including email IDs and phone numbers.

Cold CRM

ColdCRM is an immensely popular lead enrichment tool that finds email addresses and phone numbers for you from its database. By using their browser extension, you can find prospect’s personal and professional email IDs, contact numbers from their Linkedin profile.

This tool also facilitates you to find a relevant prospect from a company in its research dashboard in which just by putting a small detail like company name, country or prospect name.


It’s a tool designed to make the recruiting process smooth but eventually, this tool is being used for prospecting. You can find prospects from their job profile, name, company name or boolean search.

Hiretual also has a Chrome extension which allows you to find a prospect contact detail by visiting their Linkedin profile.


SingalHire is a talent acquisition platform developed for smooth hiring process but eventually, it’s being used for lead mining. It’s a powerful and easy to use a browser extension that extracts prospect’s email and contact number from social media profiles like Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, and Github.

You can login to their dashboard or install the plug-in to have your prospect’s contact detail right on your browser.


Aeroleads is another rockstar tool for prospecting. It works with multiple websites like LinkedIn, CrunchBase, AngelList to find business emails as well as phone numbers.

It’s a user-friendly web-based software and also offers a browser plugin for both Chrome and Firefox. Let the hunt begin with Aeroleads.