What You Need To Understand About Atlassian Plugins, Addons, and Marketplace Apps

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Having teamwork is one thing, having a great tool for your team to be organized and maximized is another! As we continuously thrive in this digital age, we all aim for our teams to be adaptive, innovative, agile, and open for any ideas and collaborations. Materializing this vision for a team is made easier with tools that guide us in our responsibilities as a team member. In the palm of our hands, and just by the touch of our fingertips, we get the best out of tracking our projects, collaborating with others, troubleshooting, and decision-making with Atlassian.

What is Atlassian?

Atlassian is a company geared towards continuously creating tools, openwork, practices, and other amazing products for teams. Around the world, thousands of teams have been utilizing and maximizing Atlassian tools such as JIRA, Trello, and more to assign roles, collaborate among members, have a more intensive decision making, and keep track of their progress towards the goals of their teams.

What are Atlassian Plugins and Addons?

JIRA, Trello, Confluence? Wait! There’s more! With Atlassian Plugins, Plugin development platform, and Addons, you and your team can boost and broaden the functionality of the Atlassian tools and applications you use. There are already different kinds of plugins readily available to you. However, with the Atlassian plugin development platform, you get to create your plugins with ease as Atlassian provides you with a plugin framework with tools for your plugin developers. This way, you get to customize and personalize your team’s user experience according to the team’s needs.

What is JIRA?

JIRA is a powerful self-hosted project management solution that helps make managing projects as easy and as dynamic as ever. Whether your projects are agile or traditional, JIRA is a comprehensive solution for you! This application allows you to prioritize progress and productivity. Moreover, as a company-wide organizing tool, the centralization of work is one of its advantages for teams and organizations. 

Originally, JIRA was created for software developers. Although it is most ideal for developers, the application has been developed to cater to any team or department for project management. It is one of the best ways for teams to collaborate and work through issues and tasks in an organized manner.

Using JIRA, projects are logged into the software and to its central database where these projects proceed to workflows. Workflows are what control the projects and the rules that the projects adhere to before transitioning to other statuses.

There are various plugins and add-ons available for JIRA that help you maximize your use of the application. There are offered plugins that allow you to insert scripted button actions. Additionally, custom field plugins also offer the ability to create more dynamic and standardized lists of values as you can process huge datasets. Moreover, Jira automation scripts aid you in making JIRA easy to manipulate as it provides live fields and the option to set up your own automation rules. Also, with these automation scripts, repetitive tasks are removed to make your workflow simplified and comprehensive.

What’s in the Atlassian Marketplace?

The Atlassian Marketplace is where you can discover and buy apps for your Atlassian products. These Atlassian Marketplace apps extend the functionality of your product by providing different features that enhance your product. You can install and enable these apps any time through the administration page of your Atlassian product. You can disable and uninstall them any time as well.