Are Slots With a Multiplier or Free Spins Better?

Slot machine

Slots have grown in many ways over the years. There was a time when winning at slots required one to land matching symbols in a line. Nowadays, these games come with a lot more to them – join today.

Slots now feature many exciting features like scatters, wilds, re-spins, free spins, multipliers, etc. This article will look at how multipliers and free spins have made slots more interesting.

An Overview of Slots Multipliers

Multipliers are instances in which a spin, or a series of spins, are multiplied. It can be random or after landing a listed number of win symbols or lines. Games with multipliers introduce them once you reach a certain level or after a trigger has been activated.

The multipliers could increase the winning potential of the spins by double, triple, or up to hundreds of times the bet. Below are instances when you are likely to find multipliers in slot games.

Free Spins

Multipliers are likelier to appear in free-spins slot games than those without. Once you trigger the free spins, the multiplier comes in, and all the free spins will be multiplied by the relevant number.

Often, a winning first free spin may lead to a greater multiplier on the second. In some slots, this proceeds into the third free spin and beyond. Some games allow you to generate a new set of free spins while still playing on the current one. In some cases, depending on how the game has been designed, multipliers can be used to trigger a free spin.

Wild Symbol Multipliers

Most slot games have a wild symbol, which substitutes for all other symbols to form a winning combo. The wild symbol could also act as a multiplier for the entire spin in slots with multipliers. Usually, 2x is the bet is the most common multiplier, but the value may be increased if more than one wild is displayed during a spin. However, in most slot games, only one wild symbol appears on each reel. 

Scattered Multipliers

Some slots feature a scattered multiplier. Usually, these appear as random symbols and don’t necessarily have to land on a payline. Scattered multipliers usually multiply the payline by a prescribed amount, and landing on more than one multiplier furthers the win.

Scattered multipliers often act as triggers for more prominent features, such as bonus rounds, free spins, or a progressive jackpot. In this case, you must land on three or more scattered symbols on the reels.

An Overview of Free Spins

Free spins are rounds where you can spin the reels without placing a wager. Usually, free spins are an incentive to keep players engaged. They eliminate the risk of losing money and let you play without fear.

Most online casinos use free spins as a way of promoting new games. Online gambling involves real money, so a new game may seem risky to players.

Which One Should You Choose—Free Spins or Multiplier Slots?

Often, gamers wonder which slot games to choose. Should you choose slots with free spins or ones with multipliers? You should choose a game that offers you both as they have their benefits. The best slot game will provide gamers with free spins and multipliers as it will enhance the quality of the gameplay. It also increases the chance of winning potential payouts.