All You Need To Know About LPG Gas Connection


LPG or Liquefied Petroleum Gas is one of the most useful and multifaceted substances. It has countless uses, from powering vehicles to being used as cooking gas in households as well as commercially. It is usually found in a gaseous state and is stored in pressurized containers for most purposes. It is non-toxic when burned and is processed naturally or through oil refining. It is an eco-friendly fuel and is used as a replacement for petrol and diesel. LPG is also used in industries like the confectionary and steel industry.

Some Informational Facts About Lpg

It is non-toxic when burned.

It is easy to transport in pressurized containers (gas cylinders).

It does not release soot ( flaky black substance) when it is burned that makes it an ideal fuel for an enclosed cooking space.

It does not have any harmful effects on the environment, making it an excellent alternative for traditional cooking fuels like coal and wood, which caused a lot of air pollution.

Major Lpg Cylinder Providers

There are mainly three LPG cylinder providers; all of them are state-run companies. The companies have been mentioned below.

Indane Gas(Run By Indian Oil Corporation)

Bharat Gas (Run By Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited)

Hp Gas (Run By Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited)

All these companies participate in governmental schemes and provide cylinders at subsidized rates to the eligible consumers. A new gas connection can be availed by filling the application form online or offline. Gas connections registered in these companies can be transferred within a city or even outside it.

Documents Required For Getting A New Lpg Connection

 Consumers need to submit a set of documents while applying for a new LPG connection along with the completely filled application form.

Identity Proof Documents

Any one of the following documents needs to be submitted as identification proof:


PAN card


Driving license

Government-issued photo ID

Proof Of Address Documents

Any one of the following documents need to be submitted as residential proof:

Ration card

Bank passbook

Credit or debit card statement

House registration document

Driver’s license

Best Ways One Can Submit Their Documents

Uploading the documents on the particular LPG supplier’s website when the application form is being filled.

One can submit the documents through offline means as well by providing the documents to the LPG distributor in person.

New Gas Connection Eligibility

Both rural and urban households can apply for an LPG gas connection. Every household can have only one connection from the three companies that supply LPG gas cylinders.

Linking Aadhar With Gas Connection

The government has urged all the consumers to link their AADHAR cards to their LPG connections as it will make it easier to keep a tab on the LPG usage of each household and also to ensure that there is no selling of subsidized cylinders in black or through unfair means.

You can choose your LPG cylinder provider and follow these guidelines for successful registration of gas connection.