8 Steps for Passing the ASQ Six Sigma Green Belt or Black Belt exam

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The lean Six Sigma Green belt certification is one of the most prominent certifications in the field of lean Six Sigma as it provides great functional value to the professional. Examination for the lean Six Sigma Green belt certification is actually very difficult, and professionals should actually follow several steps to clear the exam. 

#1 Learn the Six Sigma Primer Solution textbook 

One of the most functional study materials which people should actually consider learning is the Six Sigma primary solution textbook. This textbook actually consists of almost and everything which a professional needs to understand and learn before planning to set for the lean Six Sigma Green belt certification exam. Learning this book will be very beneficial for a professional as this is the only study material that consists of all the guidelines and skills essential for a professional to follow in the entire lean Six Sigma course. 

#2 Have a specific order while learning 

Following a specific order having a direction while someone is studying is very important for the professional as it helps in a thorough understanding of the lean Six Sigma concept. Most of the Lean Six Sigma green belt training courses provided by professional trainers actually prefer going in a particular direction, which enables proper learning.

#3 Collect Sample Questions 

Collecting sample question this actually a very important part while preparing for any certification especially for the Six Sigma certificate. There are multiple chances that the questions with a professional face in the examination might be very difficult, for which collecting sample questions can make it a little convenient for the professional as it helps in proper learning of important topics. 

#4 Take Chapter end quizzes. 

Taking chapters and quizzes actually a very beneficial step, which is adopted by many successful Six Sigma certificate holders in the world. This is actually very beneficial as it helps in the brushing of all the concepts of a particular chapter or topic. When a professional takes a quiz or a sample test at the end of the entire course, there might be a lot of changes the professional would have forgotten many concepts. But when the professional actually takes chapters and quizzes, it helps in brushing up all the important topics without any chances of the professional forgetting any concept. 

#5 Sit for practice exams. 

There are multiple sample tests available for the lean Six Sigma Green belt certification that are available over the internet. Most of the experts actually advise professionals to choose a use set for as many practice tests as a professional could possibly answer in the remaining time. Practice tests are actually very beneficial as it helps the professional in being familiar with the entire examination pattern. This enables a professional to understand the structure of the examination, and it also provides a professional and idea of how they can modify their preparation to successfully clear the exam.

#6 Sign up for the exam

Signing up for the lean Six Sigma certification at the right time is very important. When professional sciences for the examination, they mostly clear the eligibility criteria, and they are eligible to sit for the examination and have the certificate of they clear the exam. This step is actually very important as there is a proper deadline for applying for the examination, and if it is done at the last moment, there is a lot of chances that the server Microtek the response along the professional to wait for another year to sit for the exam. 

#7 Read Multiple blogs on the topic.

There are multiple blogs available over the internet which are created by certified and experienced Six Sigma professionals. This block contains different articles on several topics which professionals should actually consider reading before sitting for the examination. this can benefit the professional as it can help in clearing the examination in the first attempt itself

#8 Being a part of the community 

The essential tape for professionals who are planning to get the Six Sigma Green belt certification is part of several communities. There are multiple communities over the internet which are made up of several professional planning to have the same certification. This platform allows professionals to share ideas, thoughts, and study materials to ensure that most of the concepts are cleared in the mind of other professionals helping their fellow mates to clear they examine the first attempt. These are the 8 steps that professionals should actually consider following in their planning to clear the examination for the lean Six Sigma Green belt certification in the first attempt.