7 Reasons that Electric Bikes are like Blended Learning

EV Two wheeler

Technological advancements have changed our lives in every aspect. It has improved our lives through developments in renewable energy, medicines, and new ideas regarding sports that keep us active and help to live a long and healthy life. Electric bikes are one of the breakthroughs.

Why Choose Electric Bikes?

When you hear about e-bikes, the first thing that comes to your mind is that it is nature-friendly and it might become the biggest example of adopting green transportation. They have several nicknames, booster bike, power bike, and the most common, e-bike. The vital reasons to choose e-bikes are:

  • Use rechargeable batteries.
  • Can travel up to 25 to 45 kilometers per hour.
  • Are much faster than normal bicycles.
  • Reach your destination quickly and in good shape.
  • Low-in-cost.
  • High energy-efficient.
  • Involves health and physical benefits.
  • Excellent emission-free mode of transport.

Various Positive Sides of Riding Electric Bikes

E-bikes are somewhere in between petrol bikes and scooters and regular bicycles. Mentioned here are some of the positive sides of riding electric bikes.

  • Bikes with Assistance

Electric bikes have pedal assists. These are battery-powered machines integrated within the bike. It provides a boost to your pedaling. The machine helps to reduce impact and stress on your thighs and knees. Say goodbye to sweat and perspiration too.

  • Faster and Flexible

E-bikes provide that extra oomph that you require for covering long distances with very little effort. You can take advantage of riding these on multi-purpose cycle paths and lanes to avoid traffic.

  • Helps to Improve Fitness

Many scientists have researched that e-bike riding helps to improve your overall fitness, both mentally and physically. It gives you the same results as that of riding regular bicycles and bikes.

  • Future of Transportation

E-bikes are considered as the future of transportation. You will see it with its smarter counterparts very soon. This invention has improved and will continue over time, but the one that is available now might become the model of all the future promising transport mediums.

  • Wide Range of Styles and Designs

With the technological advancement and increase in the marketability of e-bikes, companies are producing them in a wide range of styles and designs to accommodate your requirements. MyEasyRide Brisbane e-bike hire has a large variety of electric bikes for you to hire for various purposes.

  • Environment-Friendly

You need to play your part to fight serious environmental issues like global warming and climate change. You can contribute to this by riding an electric bike. It will decrease the levels of pollution, save non-renewable energy, and improve air quality.

7 Reasons that Electric Bike are Exactly Like Blended Learning

Electric bikes are sometimes compared with blended learning. Like all your obsessions, you should see e-bikes and understand them just as you would see blended courses through the lens of technology. Mentioned below are 7 reasons to look at e-bikes exactly like blended learning.

#1 New Passion for Early Adopters

If you are just starting to ride a hired electric bike, transform it into your passion. As for blended learning, students start to love the classes because they can interact with the teachers and take part in discussions freely.

#2 Dedication Towards Community Practice

When you have adopted e-bikes, try to spread the word in your community as well. You can convey knowledge about where to hire them and what kinds of rides are best for e-bikes. You need to encourage them to start hiring e-bikes, similar to blended classes.

#3 Contribution Towards Conserving Nature

When spreading the word of hiring and riding e-bikes, you need to specially mention that they are taking part in conserving and preserving nature and environment for the future generations as a community.

#4 The Potential to Turn Non-Participants into Participants

Encouragement is what you need to join a blended course while working full-time. Similarly, you need to have the potential to turn non-participants into participants for riding e-bikes. The basic idea is to convert non-bikers to enthusiastic riders and make them understand that hiring and riding e-bikes are simple and easy.

#5 Inequality in Costs and Growth

Just like blended learning has uneven distribution between expensive and inexpensive online classes, expensive and high-quality e-bikes create division between riders too. Wealthy riders can easily afford power-assisted bikes, while those with fewer resources have to struggle.

#6 Quality is Costly

When you want quality in an online or blended class, it automatically becomes expensive because of various layers that top it. Similarly, if you want to hire good quality bikes, you need to spend more.

#7 Flexibility

Flexibility is another common trait between e-bikes and blended learning. The teachers provide study materials according to the course’s variety and pace and experience of the students. Similarly, as and when you gather experience about riding e-bikes, you can hire the ones with advanced features.


E-bikes are one of the sustainable transportation modes in urban areas. Just like blended learning is becoming the future of education, with the rise of pollution, upcoming prospects waiting for e-bikes are excellent as well.