7 Best Features of Microsoft Office 2016

Image Source: Softonic

Microsoft over the few past years wanted to prove that they are the leading developers of productivity suites. They also wanted to prove that their products are worth the investment both for business and home users and for this reason; new features are flowing each time.

A few years back, Office 2016 was released and apart from featuring a new and an improved user Interface or even adding tons of features, this Office focused entirely on collaboration, communication, project planning and editing. What this means is that there were many features that are beneficial to organizations. Individuals have a little to enjoy with the new development.

In this article, I’m going to talk about the main features of Microsoft Office 2016.

1. Co-Authoring

This is the best addition in Office 2016. This feature is available in several Office applications which allows more than one user to work on a document simultaneously. It is available in several applications including Ms word and Ms PowerPoint. Another good thing about this feature is that it allows everyone to work on the document regardless of the device they are using. This feature also makes it possible for you to see where the others are working in the document in real time.

2. Better Integration

Office 2016 also features better integration with Skype and OneDrive. OneDrive on its part enables open and Office document from any supported device wherever you are. You also get a chance to pickup from where you left without any problems. The other thing that helps workers interact more is Skype. It helps you to communicate with colleagues. You can as well initiate and join online meetings and also share your screen with your colleague which is a good add up. This feature is one of the best in the market especially when you are regarding working remotely. It helps each worker to get access to all the things that are happening with their colleagues from anywhere in the world.

3. Mentions

This is another key feature in Office Outlook. This feature helps someone easily capture somebody’s attention when you are crafting calendars invitations or emails. You are just supposed to type @ symbol and the first few letters of the person’s name. A list with a drop down list will pop up from your contact list.

Once you select one of them, then the name of that person will be highlighted in the massage or the invitation. It will also automatically pop into the To-line. It is also possible to sort your inbox by mentions.

4. New and Improved Connection Options

This is another feature that is available in several Office applications including Ms Excel. Now you can import data from SAP HANA databases, SharePoint folders and online services. You just have to select Data>New Query and a drop down box will show up. You now have to select one of them. If you are keen, you will as well realize that the Connectors for IBM, DB2 and SQL server databases have been improved.

5. Planner

If you are one of the people that usually use Enterprise Office, here is another feature for you. This feature allows managers to create a dashboard for group tasks. This feature came to simplify your work. Your boss doesn’t have to start sending emails communicating different tasks and assignments to every workers. The boss can simply drag and drop a responsibility from the column to the colleagues.

6. Clutter in Outlook

This is another key addition on Office Outlook. This key feature analyses your email pattern and also observes who you interacts with more frequently. Using these metrics, it prioritizes your emails and only shows you what is really important at that time. The feature also puts less important mails into a separate folder.

7. New Charts in Excel

This is one of those features that were aimed at helping Home users. According to Microsoft, it’s always a good thing to have a new visual feature in Excel each time. There are few more new and improved charts that are included for data analysis and presentation. Besides those new charts and other analysis features that were introduced in Excel 2013, there are new and more advanced tools to make sure that you have all what you need for data analysis and presentation.

Bottom Line!

The above are just few of the features that are available and good enough to convince you download Microsoft Office 2016. There are several others such as improved grammar checker, third-party plug-in integration and management enhancements. A few more inculde, improved business intelligence tools in Excel and many more. What this means is that if you want to upgrade, then there are enough reasons to do that.