7 Awesome Things You Didn’t Know You Could 3D Print


3D printing is the way of the future and as technology improves every day since it was first introduced in the 1980s so do the possibilities. No longer is 3D printing only for large manufacturers and businesses. With the advance of technology, 3D printers are available to hobbyists for all of your creative needs. Once you have a printer and some software you are off and running! 

But once the novelty wears off of printing silverware and other trinkets you have little to no use for, you need a plan. Luckily for you, there are lots of places to get ideas from but we’ve compiled 7 awesome (and actually useful) things you can create on your own that will excite you and give you some things to print that will be fun as well as practical.

1. Jewelry

If you find yourself looking all over for a statement necklace that works with your favorite outfit look no further than your 3D printer. With the capability to create high-end designer pieces or a more kitschy everyday look and with many different materials to choose from you can be sure you won’t be sporting the same style as the people next to you. 

Express your individuality and creativity with your own rings, necklaces, and bracelets, the only limitation is your own imagination.  For a completely customized look, you can print your own beads in a variety of shapes and colors for jewelry that is as unique as you are. It couldn’t be easier to stand out!

2. Vases

No longer are you stuck digging in a cupboard for a boring vase because you can print a cooler (and less fragile one) to personalize a bouquet or floral arrangement in a special way. 

A floral bouquet is always appreciated but when it arrives in a custom made vase (that is stunning to boot) that just puts it over the top. 

Whether you’re looking for a planter that self waters or you need a mini flower pot for some succulents, your printer holds the key to a truly spectacular and useful work of art.  Keep it for yourself or give it as a gift but your vase will be impressive either way.

3. Letter Board

Letterboards are incredibly popular today, but it stands to reason that you will inevitably lose a letter or your purchased board it won’t have enough vowels to actually say anything. But when you fully print a letter board it will meet your exact specifications to never let a message go unsaid again. Whether you choose a classic look or decide to strike out on your own with different colors, you will feel pride knowing you made it yourself. 

Not only can you decide how big of a letter board you want but you can print as many letters as you need or want. Your parties and pictures will look awesome with your new letter board and when people ask you where you got it, you can shamelessly reply that you made it. Be prepared for their looks of amazement, you’ve earned it. 

4. Replacement Parts

You can find patterns for all kinds of replacement items for your house. Is your slow cooker wobbly? Print a new leg. The knob on your stove cracked? You can print a new one. But what about buckles? Those things crack and break all the time. 

Your luggage and backpacks will never be garbage again when you can print a new one. And you don’t even need to buy a new bag, change up the color for a fun new style. 3D printing isn’t fun, it’s practical! 

That’s one of the best parts of 3D printing, it’s art and science rolled into one and by printing things that help you fix items you would otherwise dispose of, you are saving resources. You can also restore board games to their original glory by printing all those pieces you may have misplaced over the years. 

5. Cookie Cutters

Who doesn’t love a decorated cut out cookie? But sometimes the shapes are hard to distinguish and even worse, just like everyone else’s. Why restrict yourself to what you can find in the store when it’s so easy to create one that looks exactly the way you want it? Cookie cutters are quick and easy to 3D print and will make your time in the kitchen even more fun than you previously imagined. 

Are they pretty basic? Well sure, but not everyone is looking for advanced projects. Printing cookie cutters is a fantastic way to get your kids involved in the 3D printing hobby and bonus, you may even get a tasty treat out of it. 

6. Musical Instruments

Imagine a world where students don’t have to spend big money to learn how to play an instrument. Well, that is the world we are living in! You may think it’s crazy but seriously, you can print your very own playable guitar. Not a guitar stand. Not a guitar pick. (Though if you wanted to you certainly could print those as well.) But an actual musical instrument. 

And the musical world isn’t limited to guitars, in fact, they’re pretty sophisticated to print. There’s also recorders, kazoos, drums. You could have an entire set of classroom instruments for the fraction of the price of a traditional set. You too can learn to play an instrument or maybe even start your own band with a guitar you built yourself! 

7. Secret Shelf

This is a shelf you didn’t know you needed. I mean, first of all, a shelf is always useful. It doesn’t matter who you are, you can probably benefit from a new shelf somewhere in your house.  But this shelf can pull out to reveal a secret compartment to store valuables. It is an unexpected added value and no one would expect this feature. 

Similar products are mass-produced which makes them more prone to being figured out by others, but since you can make this one by yourself, only you need to know it’s true value. It’s a classy piece of decor that will look great in any room and with a secret compartment you can be sure that the things you want to keep hidden will be safe. 


3D printing technology is exciting and here to stay. It can do so many amazing things now that the future is filled with unlimited possibilities of where 3D printing will take us next. If you’re into tech, this is the field to watch. The changes will be huge and watching what happens is going to be a wild (and fun) ride.