6 Gift Ideas for Someone Who Loves Trains

Image Source: bahnbilder.de

Everyone had their own hobbies growing up as kids. For some, it was collecting baseball cards and hoping they got their favorite players. For others, it was playing music and jamming out on the drums at unearthly hours.

For those that loved trains, that usually manifested in having a fantastic model train set. They had their setting perfectly made, knew everything about trains, and even used old railroad track charts as part of their simulations.

As we all know, those childhood hobbies usually don’t go away with age. Even though adult obligations and commitments mean hours can’t be spent making adjustments to their model train, they’re still big-time train fans.

For all those train fans out there, here are a few fantastic gift ideas.

A Trip on a Train

If there’s one thing the US is a little behind the world in, it’s train travel.

Although there have been recent efforts to try and build up more railway projects across the country, there still aren’t that many that are popping off the page.

However, that doesn’t mean a trip on a train would be a bad idea. You’re likely to find more trains around larger hubs and in the northeast. Texas and California are building up their rail networks, and it could be fun to explore a new area with a new train system.

Old Train Signs

Trains need direction, and there are plenty of rustic train signs lying around in antique shops around the country.

While finding a place to hang that sign may be difficult, it could be ideal if the train lover you know has a wide-open space, garage, or even a barn to hang the likely giant sign.

Railroad Spikes

While they aren’t exactly a huge collector’s item, railroad spikes are still a unique gift that can be perfect for someone who’s interested in the history of trains.

There are some websites out there that sell specific spikes taken from historic railroad lines and tracks. Some places even engrave them or shape them into something useful, like a paperweight or knife.

Historic Items

If you’ve never heard of track charts, don’t be afraid. You’re not the only one. But railroad track charts are a unique and interesting item that has risen in popularity over the last few years amongst train enthusiasts.

These charts allow you to see the former track lines that were set up across the country. You can choose the region and year to get a closer look at just how trains used to operate.

Some of them come in PDF form, while others can be delivered in a physical copy. The train lover that you know will probably prefer the physical option more as they can keep it on their shelf and show it off to their friends.

Model Accessories

Maybe you already know what your family member or friend wants. They want more things for their model set. That could be anything from decorative trees to a new locomotive set.

Going with something tried and true isn’t a bad idea, and if it’s going to put a smile on their face, then you’ve got an easy winner!

Toy Train Set

OK, here this one out.

If the person you’re buying for is a parent, maybe this is a great way for them to spread their love of trains onto the next generation.

It can give something that both child and parent can play with and you may not be too sure who the kid is after they both get their hands on it. Make the gift extra special by getting a train-themed gift wrap.

So whether you go with toy train tracks or railroad track charts, there is a plethora of options to go through when coming up with gift ideas for a train lover.