5 Ways Robots are Revolutionizing Jobs

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Modern-day Robotics is all about helping humans with its industrial procedures and simplifying their day-to-day tasks. But wait, there’s more! Machines have always played an important and significant role in human reality for a long time. And work has been significantly shared between man and machine. 

As robots become more technologically advanced, they will help humanity in more collaborative ways. The revolution of robots has been carried out for decades and transforming jobs in the workplace, manufacturing units and health care etc.

 No doubt that these robots can work more efficiently and precisely but there are still certain jobs that only humans are mastered in. The jobs that are relied on Emotional and social intelligence, creativity are only done by HUMANS. But do you think robots are only replacing the people who are working in industries? Then you are wrong. 

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Below is one of the examples of a robot doing household chores. And after seeing this you may probably think of firing your age-old maid. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of having robots in the workplace:


 • Robots never get bored or tired no matter how hard the work is

 • They can work in any harsh conditions like extreme cold and heat 

• They can do the toughest jobs like we can send them to space, deep sea and war zones etc.


• The increase in the unemployment rate is one of the important disadvantages 

• Robots don’t have any empathy 

• They work only on the tasks for which they were instructed and cannot handle unforeseen situations. 

Although they have no emotional capacity which is a major disadvantage, Robots can perform work safely and efficiently. Below is a statistic estimation of people working in banking and lending who are losing their jobs to Robots.

5 Ways Robots are Revolutionizing Jobs 

Based on the reports of Market Research Firms, Below are the 5 major ways by which Robots are revolutionizing Jobs

1. Military and Defence: When we think about robots revolutionizing jobs the first thought would be military and defense industries. By using military AI(artificial intelligence), Robots are designed to handle the tasks from carrying out target acquisition with greater efficiency to picking up the spinners.

 2. Patient care with medical robotics: Medical robots are slowly yet surely transforming the face of the health care industry. These robots play a pivot role in performing tasks that demand immense attention to every detail, as one wrong move can cause a dangerous loss to human life. 

3. The Mining Industry: This industry is now completely dependent upon technology and advanced robotics. These robot types do a primary survey and compile important information about the mines. This helps to provide a safe environment for human miners. 

4. Smart Manufacturing With Industrial Robots: The manufacturing industry is smartening up with advanced technologies. These robots are programmed to ensure the production line do not suffer from churning out defect-free products. And these robots turn down the chances of product failures. 

5. Surveillance robots: when normal security cameras capture someone leaving some suspicious package at a bus station, an individual examining the camera feed may, if they act quick enough, But these Surveillance robots can immediately recognize the face of the person and share the information to the nearby-robotic cameras to keep an eye on that suspect.