5 Ways Oracle Keeps Its Cloud Platform Open & Why They Are Important


The benefits of an open cloud platform are endless. This can allow for flexibility, scalability, and overall greater accessibility of data and digital tools. With the focus on these benefits, the Oracle cloud platform is keeping its platform open through five specific ways. More than anything, these five areas were put in place to enhance their open-source innovations with tools that can be brought on by a CSS Oracle Consulting firm. Specifically, this is going to allow for the management, development, and security through a high-performance structure. As far as what these five areas include, they will be built around open standards like machine learning, chatbots, and other emerging pieces of technological innovations such as blockchain technology. With all of that being said, here are the five ways Oracle is keeping its cloud platform open and why they are an important part of the field.

#5: They Allow Developers To Choose Their Stack

One of the ways Oracle is keeping its platform open is through their choice of the technology stack. More specifically, they are doing this by allowing developers to choose their stack when programming. The platform will support everything from Node.js, Python, and Ruby. The reason this is important is that it will give companies the ability to put these high-grade tools into practical use. Through an easy user interface, companies will be able to manage what they feel is most important to them. Needless to say, this is contributing to continuous innovation in the field.

#4: They Integrate API-Fist & Third-Party Apps

Another way Oracle is staying as an open platform is by API-First and Third-Party App Integrations. These integrations will include standards-based cloud adapters to other on-premises applications. This means other sources such as Salesforce.com, SAP, and Microsoft apps can now be adopted through the platform. The importance of this method stems from the fact that it will give developers the ability to test and document APIs. Not to mention, they will be allowed to do so through industry standards like API Blueprint and OpenAPI.

#3: They Have New Channels For Chat-bots

One of the most interesting things about Oracle’s new channels for chatbots is that they will use built-in links. This includes channel such as the popular voice-based assistants Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. This will also bring in reputable messaging platforms such as Slack, Skype, and Facebook Messenger. These new channels are important because they will give customers the freedom to build their bots that can run on these channels. All in all, this eliminates having to rebuild new bots every time a new channel is factored in.

#2: They Built Blockchain-Based Collaboration Services

With their new blockchain-based collaboration services, Oracle will reap the benefits of being built on hyper ledger fabric. This is done to spur cross-industry blockchain standards. The importance of this method is that it can be used to create a safer transaction of data sharing in a business-to-business partnered ecosystem. This will also allow businesses to run secure information sharing to reach past an enterprise’s halts by extending applications.

#1: They have Container-Based AppDev Platforms

Last but not least, Oracle is also keeping their cloud-based platform open by having container-based AppDev systems. In a nutshell, these systems will allow users to create and implement their applications. More importantly, they will be allowed to do this without having to worry about being locked into a centralized platform. This is most important because of how it will give developers the ability to oversee smaller services and containers by a true open-source standard.