5 Signs You Need a New Job

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It can be a very difficult prospect to admit to yourself that you’re not happy with a job. Admitting it is the first step to then feeling overwhelmed at the idea of trying to find a new position, keeping a steady income and finding your own fulfilment. Perhaps you haven’t yet confessed to yourself that you need a new job, but the following signs can help you.

It Isn’t a Bad Thing to Want a New Job

When considering quitting your job, it can often feel like you’re alone in the decision. It’s important to note how many job resignations actually happen, and also how many new job opportunities are being created on a regular basis.

Looking at the metrics, both for resignations and open opportunities for new jobs, can really help you to wrap your head around the decision you’re making and feel more informed about it. You don’t have to feel as though you’re alone in wanting a new job, or that there aren’t new jobs out there available to you.

  • You Can’t Remember the Last Time You Looked Forward to Work

For some people, a job is just a job, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. While others crave a career that they are passionate about, some people are content to go to a job they can positively work with. However, if your daily routine sees you significantly dreading going to work, and you never feel the slightest positivity or joy about it, this is a problem.

  • Your Motivation is Non-Existent

Lacking motivation for your job doesn’t mean you’re lazy or a bad worker. It’s extremely hard to find motivation for a job you have no fulfilment with, and which you care nothing for. Often, when your patience for your current job is at an all-time low, motivation can hit rock bottom, and once you’re at this point, it might be impossible to pick it back up again.

  • You’re Constantly on Edge

Every job comes with its good and bad days. However, if your job results in feeling irritable and stressed with a low mood every single day, it’s time for a change. Job dissatisfaction can have a detrimental effect on health, and the right job should never negatively impact your wellbeing, physically or mentally.

  • You’re Always Thinking About a New Job

If you are satisfied with your current job and if the position stimulated you, then you wouldn’t be letting your mind wander to the prospect of another career. If you’re actively thinking about leaving and seeking another job on a daily basis, then this is a clear-cut sign.

  • You Find That You’re Always Complaining About Work

This is especially significant if you are taking those woes home with you. If the majority of your downtime consists of complaining about work to family, friends or even just in your own mind when you’re sat at home, then you’re clearly not happy with your situation and it will only serve to worsen its impact on your homelife, too.