5 Low-Risk Business Investment Opportunities for Amateur Entrepreneurs

Image Source: Hootsuite.com

At one point, you have probably dreamt about leaving your day job behind and being your own boss. But starting your business certainly does not come without risks. Apart from having a solid financial foundation, you must have a wealth of knowledge about start-up life. The rule of the thumb is to lay out your money in investments that require low capital and risks.  If you’re planning to leave your nine-to-five in favour of entrepreneurship, here are some low-risk business ideas you can consider:

Vending Machine

A vending machine can be a good source of passive income and makes the perfect investment choice for people who don’t want to give up a steady pay check yet. Whether you’re saving enough funds or just buying time for a bigger business, this can provide a great profit margin for you. As long as you got the right products, placement, and location, your vending machine venture is bound to be a success.

Print-on-Demand Business

Print-on-demand business is an investment that requires low capital. All you need is your computer or laptop, a good quality printing machine, a laser transfer paper, and textile to produce a customized garment. To cut down on your operational costs, you want to use no-cut self-weeding transfer papers.

If you want to expand your products, you can include vinyl signs, business cards, and other promotional items. Additionally, you can offer graphic design services and supply the materials on top of your initial services to gain extra income.

Water Refill Station

If you prefer a business that requires low involvement (a.k.a. something you don’t need to check up on every day), a water refill station might be the best option for you. It also offers lots of room for growth and flexibility whilst requiring minimal start-up costs. You can build a water station in neighborhoods so households can purchase potable water or set up stalls in central business districts so thirsty passers-by can get their fill.

Second-hand Bookshop

Bookworms who wish to be their own boss will have no trouble quitting their nine-to-five in favour of starting a second-hand bookshop. You can start small by setting up a bookstand in parks or busy streets or go big by building a bookstore where people can actually sit and read. If possible, consider offering beverages on your bookshop to attract another market.

Food Truck

For people who have always loved cooking or exploring culinary treats, a food truck can be the best investment business idea. Because you’re not bound in one location, you can go right where your customers are. And with an initial investment and operation cost that is comparably lower than that of a full-service restaurant, a mobile food truck presents lower investment risks and is definitely a better option for amateur entrepreneurs.

You can have the menus and graphics printed using a laser transfer paper on the side skirts of your food truck to attract your customers.

Wrap Up

These are just five of the many business investment options you can opt if you don’t want to risk all your hard-earned money on a venture in which the future is uncertain. As a final word, it’s always a good idea to begin your entrepreneurship journey by making use of your inherent talents and skills or capitalizing on your personal hobbies or interests. This way, you’ll enjoy the process no matter what comes out of your journey.