5 Effective Ways To Increase Your Coupon Sales

Coupon marketing illustration
Image source: Sellbrite.com

Ecommerce has seen huge growth over the last few years.

This gives an opportunity for many allied businesses to form who can have a similar or related business model. Affiliates, loyalty, coupon websites are examples of such businesses.

The coupon industry has been seeing a lot of growth in recent years.

Coupon website has a lead generation model. You provide deals and discounts on your website from other brands. Indirectly you drive traffic to the brand’s website.

If you have a coupon website or are planning to make one, in this article we have covered effective ways to make sure that your business stands out.

Coupon business can be challenging sometimes if not done correctly. A strategic approach ensures that you get what you want and in this article we are writing everything that you need to know.

Especially with the saturation of online websites. This makes it essential for you to have the right approach in order to see success for your coupon business. Follow the tips in this article to make sure that you are one step ahead of your competition.

#1 A user-friendly website

It is clear that you need a website in order to host coupons, but nothing can be worse if your coupon website is not user friendly. The interface is the prime concern that you must take into account while creating a coupon website.

You can keep on trying variations by placing different sections on the website at different places. Consider HappySale, a coupons and deals website. You will find the best brands right at the top. So this ensures that users easily find the coupon they are looking for. They simply get to see the tons of coupons you have spent nights and days collating right within one click. It reduces the time users will have to wander on the website. 

People can select the brand of their choice and. Get a range of coupons that they can use instantly to buy their favorite products.

Keep on testing your website over and over again and to experiment with the design, content and more. You must also perform A/B tests to understand what works better.

#2 An App

Not all coupon websites also have an app but if you can make one, nothing better like it. The users on mobiles are almost as many as those on the desktop as per the recent years. Thanks to the advancements of smartphones and its accessibility, many people from tier 2 and tier 3 cities who don’t have access to laptops and desktops can now use coupons easily.

You can include features like notifications on the app. With constant updates, people are most likely to come back to your app for completing a deal. Moreover, apps are the new thing that you must try.

#3 Paid Ads

It’s okay to spend once in a while if it’s worth it. You may have seen ads of all major brands dwelling on your Instagram and Facebook feeds. This is because of targeting of the audience and AI.

An acute targeting of the audience is a must. You can also run contests on YouTube and other platforms to get information on your target audience. Developing landing pages and promoting its social media is another way to get huge data.

You can decide which platform works best for your paid ad campaigns. Is it Google Ads, Facebook marketing or Instagram Ads? Snapchat and other niche social media apps also let you run ads. Also explore all formats of ads like videos, gifs, artworks and more.

You need to select the objective of the ad before starting it. So keeping the goals for your business clear will help you in optimising the best ad for you.

#4 Email marketing

Once you get the email addresses of the people that are interested in coupons, create an email list and send out email blasts.

Make sure that your best setting offers are at the top. People open emails with amazing subject lines. So spend some time to write your subject line and content of the email.

You can use automated tools to send emails. Tools like Mailchimp will come handy when you need to. Here are a few tips to make sure your emails get more engagement.

  1. Use a personalised greeting
  2. Send emails from an official id
  3. Keep it to the point
  4. Don’t hesitate to use emojis

#5 Content strategy

The content strategy for your coupon website is crucial. This comes from the details of the target audience that you have received. That’s no harm with an A/B test that lets you know how different audiences respond to your message. 

Content can also help in creating a brand identity. Once you find out who you want to cater to, simply develop your content strategy around it.

Explore all types of content like blogs, infographics, videos and more. Social media can also be a major part of promotions.

You can check what content you can create by also referring to the responses of your email blasts. Simply go ahead and check out what emails have the most engagement. You can also make use of social media to identify what type of content people are engaging with the most.

Final Thought

You need to give the audience what they want. And getting to know the same from them sounds like a good plan. Increasing sales from the website is a constant process. It involves a lot of learning and experimenting. If you are startup you may find your perfect strategy after a bunch of trials. But if it works, it was all worth it.