5 Best PHP Framework to Use in 2020


PHP is a great choice for website development. If you want to use PHP to design your website, note these PHP frameworks to aid you in the process.

PHP has turned into a very popular language for website development. The enhanced feasibility of creating apps without the need to write codes for the same makes PHP a more preferable choice for a PHP Laravel developer in India. 2020 saw developers using a wide range of PHP frameworks for website development. The more popular of these have been given below.


A free, open-source framework, Laravel happens to be one of the most reliable and sought after PHP framework. The main reason for its popularity is attributed to the fact that it can handle complex web applications with ease, providing a faster and more secure process when compared to other PHP frameworks. Laravel also makes design for common tasks like authentication, caching, routing, etc. easier. Added to this is the ease of app customization which makes Laravel a great choice for business and other professional websites.


CakePHP is another PHP framework that has its own dedicated set of users. Its 100% backward computability makes upgrading processes easy and simple, thus making it a great choice for visually stunning websites. Some of the other classy features included in the framework include input validation CSRF protection, SQL injection prevention, cross-site (XSS) scripting, fast install and documentation, support portals, validation, proper class inheritance and so on.


Zend is an object-oriented PHP framework, which features advanced features, including inheritance, interfaces, simple cloud API, MVC components and data encryption, etc. It is also customizable and extendable and allows developers to gain access to elements they want, external libraries and a community support base. These features make Zend one of the best PHP frameworks to look out for in 2020.


Don’t be fooled by the framework’s size as CodeIgniter makes up for it with easy and fast code development. Very popular with beginners, this PHP framework comes with a slew of impressive options for feature-rich websites. These include, but are not limited to, high-speed libraries, illustrated database, data abstraction, active community support and built-in security features.


Symfony is a PHP framework that has been around for many years now. When compared to the newer frameworks, Symfony presents one of the most reliable and mature frameworks which follow standard PHP regulations to create a very stable, well documented and high-performance framework for complex projects. As a Laravel developer in India, you would be able to notice the similarities between Laravel and Symfony, including features like reusable elements, engine independent databases, enhanced site stability and capability to be compiled with different design patterns as well as vendor libraries.


As one of the most secluded and secure PHP frameworks, Yii makes it easier and faster to create web applications. Although a bit of an advanced framework, Yii comes with extended support from a massive online community of users, as well as a centralized team that regularly dishes out code improvements for users. Added to all these is the extensibility which helps users customize even core codes, a simple installation process and very robust security features which makes Yii a great choice for advanced websites.

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