4 Software Tools for Media and Entertainment Companies

Image Source: vecteezy.com

With the invention of 5G, the legalization of online sports gambling and the fall of TV subscription services the media entertainment industry landscape has been changing rapidly.

New environments require new tools. Here are four useful tools for media and entertainment companies in 2019.

Work Management 

Every business needs to work as a team, media and entertainment companies are no different. Work management tools that simplify team-based work through web and mobile applications have become commonplace in almost every office in America. 

From shared inbox software to task management systems, work management software companies blossomed over the past decade in response. 

In a collaborative environment like the media and entertainment industry, work management software is a necessity. These tools help improve organization and efficiency within your organization. Capterra has a great list ranking these work management tools if you are having trouble making a selection. 

Data Management and Cloud Storage Software

Media and entertainment companies have some pretty heavy requirements for data storage. Their businesses require data to be kept safe and to be made easily accessible. 

Thankfully there are many data management and cloud storage software companies out there to help. The best software providers offer an all-in-one solution for data security that is easy to use, compatible with industry software and hardware and offers in house support.

Many media companies require huge amounts of capacity to store their data because they hold so many video/audio/image files. Due to these requirements, it is important to find companies that can store data both on the cloud and on central disk storage. That way you are protected and have access even if the cloud is down.

When looking for data management and cloud storage software it’s important to find solutions that offer the appropriate speed and capacity.  If your software can’t provide 360MB/s uncompressed speed and 12TB uncompressed capacity, then maybe it’s time to make a switch if you want to compete in the media and entertainment industry.

Social Media 

Every company in the modern era needs to be social media savvy. That means going beyond the insights page on Instagram or Facebook and using software to help manage and improve your social media presence. 

Using the insights page to find viewer data and your average impression vs. reach is a great step one, but there is more you can do. 

First, you can use apps like Gain for social media post scheduling. Scheduling apps help make sure you never miss a post while making things more organized and easy to use.

Another software tool you can use for social media is Hootsuite. Hootsuite is one of the most popular pieces of software for social media. It can help you manage, execute and track the progress of social media posts. If you like statistics and want more than the usual facebook insights than this is the tool for you. 

Email Marketing 

Email marketing tools may sound like the purview of marketing companies only. However, many media and entertainment companies require email marketing campaigns to be done in house.

Email marketing can be used to amplify content and encourage user engagement. Media companies shouldn’t allow marketers to corner the market here.

The most common email marketing tools are MailChimp and Iterable. They give users access to valuable analytics and other data that can be used to track the engagement of specific desired clientele.

It’s important to change with the times in the dynamic media and entertainment industry. This list of tools should be a solid first step to help you keep up with the times.