4 Reasons You Need a New Copier

office copier printer

Even with many advances in technology, many businesses still utilize copiers and printers in their daily operations. To stay efficient and function optimally, you must ensure their office equipment is up-to-date. While it may seem like an unnecessary expense to replace your copier, doing so can greatly benefit your business and improve overall productivity. Here are the top reasons why you should consider getting a new copier:

Better Security 

In the modern digital age, security is critical. Most businesses realize the importance of security for computers and software, but few realize the role their copier plays. Since copiers are typically connected to the network, they are susceptible to being hacked. Older copiers rarely come with the security you need to protect sensitive information. Upgrade your copier to ensure you get the important security features like password protection and swipe authentication. 

Lower Maintenance Costs

Cost is the main reason people hesitate to upgrade their copiers. However, you will spend more constantly maintaining an old copier than needs to be replaced. Older copiers often need more maintenance which costs time and money each time. Instead of pouring money into an old copy machine, upgrade to a new one, and save on maintenance. Modern copiers are also easier and less expensive to maintain because they are created using the latest components and materials. 

Lower Operation Costs 

Old copy machines are less efficient than many newer models. This means that you will pay more per page with these older models. By investing in a new copier, you will save more in the long run. Additionally, when you get a new copy you can print higher-quality prints faster, so you can complete larger projects in-house instead of outsourcing. 

Improved Efficiency

Your new copier and associated software will be far more efficient than your current model. Newer models are also much more intuitive and easier to use than many older models. When you upgrade your copier, you can speed up the copying process. More efficient copying leads will help you be more productive with your daily operations. 

More Sustainable

When you invest in a new copier, you invest in a machine that will benefit your business for many years. High-quality copier machines last longer while requiring fewer repairs. You will not have to worry about constantly updating your copier when you choose a high-performing, well-made, modern copier.

Upgrade Your Copier Today 

If you have been considering upgrading your copier, now is the time. You will save money on maintenance and increase your productivity with a new high-quality copier. With your new copier, you can produce higher-quality copies at a higher rate. However, choosing the right copier is just as important and choosing to upgrade. That’s where we come in. Our dedicated team is fully committed to helping you find the best copier available. We will consider your specific needs and budget to help you choose the perfect copier. For more information on our copiers and for exemplary customer service, contact us today HERE.