4 Most Annoying Mac Troubleshoots

Mac book

Due to Covid-19,  most Mac stores are handling customer queries from telephonic inquiry or via chat. But, there are some issues that one cannot avoid like system slowdown, hardware issue, application problem, or Mac on/off issues. When your Mac starts creating these troubles, all your work and productivity suffers. Even the employees feel frustrating when glitches start attacking the system.

If you are too suffering from the same issues or working with Mac, there are high chances of meeting the problem. Therefore, before the problem becomes worse, you must know these 4 Most annoying Mac troubleshoots and the way to deal with daily hiccups.

Lost files

The first thing you may experience is losing files on your Mac. This could be due to using disk memory when it is full. Then it starts deleting files automatically or saving them somewhere else. You can simply find the files by pressing Cmd+[Space] to open the search bar. Once it is open, start pressing the file name after each letter pause.  It helps the system to find more files with the same letter. If you are getting files from other locations, or not getting files, it is great to stop using the current disk and replace it with a new.

Switching is slow

The latest technology Mac hardly meets with apps switching issues. Because RAM has infinite space to install or work on lots of data. But, Mac works with ‘virtual memory’, therefore there could be a chance for Mac OS X to run out of space in RAM. Some of the files could move to a hidden temporary file on the hard disk. So, the ideal solution for Mac free space is to delete unwanted files. You can also define a switch between major and larger apps to save time.

Documents open in the wrong app

Opening of documents in sources where you are not comfortable could be a little annoying. For instance, if you are comfortable with JPEG format to view photos, but your Mac is showing images in Photoshop. This could be a little disturbing, as you are habitual with JPEG format. To switch between apps press Cmd+I (Get Info). Go to open, select preferred app, and click on change all. Once you confirm the changes, all your photos will start appearing in JPEG style.

Mac won’t start

You, Mac, is not responding when switching it on means there could be a blown fuse in the plug. Therefore, check it first before moving ahead. Mac has a feature to power it on self-test to boot up and find faults. The three beeps on the system mean you need to install new memory and your Mac model name. Four and five beeps mean the issue lies with ROM and you will need professional help. Keeping above mentioned four issues and their solution, you can quickly resolve Mac troubleshoots. Remember, do not forget to clean your trash after a fixed interval. Even still the problem last, do not make delay to call experts for assistance.