4 Effective Ways to Dry Your Hair Quickly


If you have long hair, drying it can be a daily tussle. Many men and women with long hair prefer not to wash it regularly explicitly to save time. A recent survey conducted by a hair care brand in the UK discovered that 51 per cent of women did not wash their hair daily.  

If you’re among the frustrated many looking for ways to speed up the hair drying process – know that it is certainly possible. From applying conditioners to using the best low EMF hair dryer and microfiber hair towels, you can cut the hair drying time by more than half.    

Go for the Conditioner 

Yes, sure, you might be using it already. But when you’re in a hurry and know that you have to leave in a jiff, always use a conditioner. Using it will rehydrate your hair after a thorough wash with shampoo and seal in the moisture, preventing your hair from absorbing more water than needed. Conditioners also repel water from the hair and provide a protective shield against the heat generated from hair dryers.

Alternatively, you can also try applying a mousse to your damp hair. It will fasten the drying process and produce an added texture to the hair. Here are better and safe options for laser hair removal for men.

Step Away from the Moisture

Sometimes, the ideal thing you can do is too close for you to realize, like stepping away from the bathroom or shower. If you have the habit of drying your hair in the bathroom, it’s about time to reconsider it.

The heat emanating from your body and water causes the room where you showered to become moisture-dense. You can easily restrict your hair from getting affected by this extra humidity by moving away to a different room.

Soaking Water

Before you hit the hair dryer, you should always soak up excess water from your hair using a cotton towel. But be careful not to towel-dry it more than 60 per cent if you want to try out a particular hairstyle, as drying becomes challenging to manage.

You can also use a microfiber towel instead of one made from cotton, as they soak up water faster. Another great way to soak up excess water is by blotting paper towels on your hair. This technique works like magic and is used by many hairstylists. If you have curly hair, you can also try hair plopping.

Low EMF Hair Dryer

When it comes to quick and efficient hair drying, the hair dryer is always going to be your best ‘amigo’ to ‘go’ for. But you should always choose the best low EMF hair dryer to avoid health risks.

EMF stands for electromagnetic field, and all electronic devices have it in varying degrees. Even our bodies have natural electromagnetic fields and impulses, through which the brain sends and receives signals. Using a high EMF hair dryer can affect our body’s normal functioning.

Tip – Start blowing the hair with precision from the crown of your head by raising small segments of hair from the root with a comb. Also, avoid blasting hot air on your hair from multiple directions. Always angle the hair dryer in a way so that the air flows towards the hair end.  If you can afford it, allow your hair some time to dry naturally as much as possible before using a hair dryer or employing other methods. Gently soak up the excess water and let it dry as you apply makeup or carry on with other tasks.