3 Ways IoT Will Change Digital Signage


A perfect example of IoT in digital signage is smart TVs. You can now watch your favourite shows on the internet from your smart TV. Digital signage is among the most effective ways for relaying information in different settings. It uses LCD, LED, and projection screens to display digital images, video, streaming media and other exhibition avenues. You may find them in public spaces, restaurants, hotels, corporate buildings, and outdoor advertising.

On the other hand, the Internet of Things(IoT) refers to devices and gadgets such as cars, electronic appliances, smart sensors, cell phones and systems in the home that are connected to a wireless network service. Most of them can collect data, software, and upload all these details to the cloud and exchange the data with other connected devices or gadgets. These are flexible digital display applications that we are already seeing. More people have embraced IoT, and technology is set to change digital signage systems in different ways. Let’s explore how IoT will change digital signage in future.

1. Enhanced Communication between Devices

IoT will improve the communication between your devices so that you can interact with physical objects and their data sources without any inconvenience. This is already evident in Apple iBeacons and digital screens where you can watch all your shows without changing devices.

2. Smarter Digital Signage

The effects of IoT will be seen across all industries, from health care services to leisure and other activities. Take an example of the smart cameras installed on the roads collecting data and information. They can then send alerts to users’ mobile devices to know where traffic is and where it is passable. You can already see this from Google Maps; when navigating an area, it shows you where there’s likely to be traffic and the clear routes. The app even indicates the amount of time you will take on route A and route B, subject to traffic congestion, accidents, or slowdowns.

3. High Quality and Convenience in Services

The healthcare industry has already begun trials using intelligent sensors and monitoring devices to determine patients’ conditions quickly. A patient no longer has to go through the oral examination. Not only does this enhance the quality of services, but it also allows more convenience to both parties. IoT systems will then develop personalised treatment plans, and all this will be seen in the digital signage systems.


With technology steadily on the rise, there is so much connection that will come from IoT. Studies have shown that there are infinite possibilities through which IoT will revolutionise digital signage systems. Tech gurus will develop more internet-capable devices and gadgets to make work all easier and more efficient. While this is the case, we don’t expect IoT to phase out digital signage systems as they will be the primary display options for most of this information. As you embrace IoT in your business, you must also acquire flexible digital display applications to keep abreast with the coming changes. If you do not do this, you will miss the golden IoT chance to deliver effective solutions to your clients.