List of Tech Bloggers in Delhi NCR

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If you are looking for tech bloggers in Delhi NCR then certainly you are at the right place. We have concluded a list of technology bloggers those who are doing blogging in core technology, consumer electronics, gadgets, social media, SEO and many another technical sphere. Here is the list of core tech bloggers from Delhi NCR.

No matter what you do for a living and no matter how good you are at it but you need a mentor who inspires you to do better and show us how to do it. Bloggers are those who have mastered in their field and are educating us through their writing skills. A blog is a platform where we can get daily digest from tech and trends in the industry. Here are few bloggers from Delhi, Gurgaon, Faridabad, Noida and Ghaziabad at the forefront of technology and social media, helping the rest of us better learn and understand the technology.

Note: We want to extend this list for infinite with quality technology bloggers those who are born to inspire us. If you are a blogger and want to get added to this list, pls mail us at

TBAI – Tech Bloggers Association of India is an association of technology bloggers.

List of tech bloggers & Influencers in Delhi NCR

# Bloggers Blogs Email Mobile
1 Surendra Dhote *********** ********
2 Harsh Agarwal *********** ********
3 Ankit Prakash *********** ********
4 Ashish Sinha *********** ********
5 Jaspal Singh *********** ********
6 PJ *********** ********
7 Nikhil Pahwa *********** ********
8 Amit Bhawani *********** ********
9 Tarun PK *********** ********
10 Sandeep Jain *********** ********
11 Arun Desai *********** ********
12 Nitin Mehta *********** ********
13 Adarsh Varma *********** ********
13 Rafid Athar *********** ********
13 Iqbal Singh *********** ********
13 Amit Tiwari *********** ********